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15 Sets of Celebrities You May Not Have Realized Are the Same Age

From the outside looking in, there are some similarities in the lives of celebrities. They attend high-brow engagements, live under judging eyes, dodge flashing lights and assume the pressure of looking their best in the face of inflexible demands. While their lives look the same from the observation deck of the celebrity petri dish, the way they age through the process doesn’t. Here are side-by-side images of some of our favorite celebs whom you may not have realized are the same age.

Adele and Rihanna 

Singer Rihanna (26) and songstress Adele (25) share more than just superstar status. The two international stars have the same birth year, 1988. While success is mutual between them, Rihanna, in these photos, looks more successful at maintaining her youth.

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