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15 Sets of Celebrities You May Not Have Realized Are the Same Age

From the outside looking in, there are some similarities in the lives of celebrities. They attend high-brow engagements, live under judging eyes, dodge flashing lights and assume the pressure of looking their best in the face of inflexible demands. While their lives look the same from the observation deck of the celebrity petri dish, the way they age through the process doesn’t. Here are side-by-side images of some of our favorite celebs whom you may not have realized are the same age.

Adele and Rihanna 

Singer Rihanna (26) and songstress Adele (25) share more than just superstar status. The two international stars have the same birth year, 1988. While success is mutual between them, Rihanna, in these photos, looks more successful at maintaining her youth.

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31 thoughts on “15 Sets of Celebrities You May Not Have Realized Are the Same Age

  1. Elisha Bar Edwardz says:

    Black don't crack, so COINTELPRO tried to do it by alchemy. We still persevere…

  2. Tomas Avea says:

    This is very racist you find the absolute worst pics on one side and compare them to a good on on the other""What's wrong with people" racism works both ways and no I'm not white but i was raised up Better than that"

  3. This is bad comparison seeing that we know that some of these persons did Plastic surgery or Botox to keep there young look, wonder what they would look like i they hadn't altered themselves

  4. This item is in poor taste, as was well said below, different genes, plastic surgery, Botox. I say again, this item Is in poor taste as far as I am concerned.

  5. Corey White says:

    You are wrong. Black people cannot be racist because we don't have any power or wealth. Racism by definition is a SYSTEM to keep a race on top of another race by any means necessary. Answer this question. Name a time where blacks made a law to disenfranchise whites. I will wait… Black people CAN be prejudice though. I think you are getting the two mixed up.

  6. Gregory Smith says:

    Corey White …´´Racism is ACTIONS, PRACTICES or BELIEFS, or social or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other…´´ wtf are you talking about? by definition there need not be any system, you can be perfectly racist without one. What laws are there to disenfranchise blacks? Last I heard affirmative action was still getting people of color bonus points on federal entrance exams

  7. Gregory Smith says:

    Most of these ´´black publications´´ are indeed racist, including this article. I suppose with the white boot on your face grasping at straws is all you got

  8. Corey White says:

    Gregory Smith Only a hit dog hollers. I expected somebody like you to reply. Answer the question I proposed in my first reply. Name a law. The fact is the black man and woman are the original people of this earth. We have melanin which is literally a gift from the universe. We age better. That is just a fact. It's not racism. DEAL WITH IT.

  9. This might as welll could be a biased photo selection that favours one group like what Tomas Avea alluded to. Perhaps if we could have a scientific method to confirm what physical charateristics slows downs aging(i.e if that study its important in the first place). Anyway I see the exception in Natalie Portman vs Kelly Rowland comparison.

  10. Gregory Smith says:

    Corey White I don´t even know where to start replying to your last comment. Black men and women are the original people? Are you serious with that? In the beginning there were just PEOPLE…there was no difference in skin hue hence the term black had no meaning then. Certain tribes (whose skin was also dark) migrated north along the Ocean and dispersed amongst the other lands and presumably turned white from mutations deriving from lack of sunlight. I have the same haplogroup genetic markers as you do that traces back to Africa. WE ARE BLACK PEOPLE THAT TURNED WHITE.

    Now, with the law thing, if african americans had the majority, the political clout and the resources to pass race biased laws, they probably would have. It´s a natural dynamic for the ruling sects to write laws that benefit themselves. Only now, as many angry people as yourself, you don´t realize the ruling sects don´t care about white or black, they care about money. Everything else is completely meaningless, Oprah is in the club, Jay-Z, Beyonce and countless other people of color. There is only the wealthy elite and the poor. This fucking race baiting shit like this atrociously racist article are distractions and more salt in the old wounds. Black don´t crack, it´s beautiful, beautiful skin that doesn´t age, but this is a sneaky ´´I´m better than you´´ type thing. Society has developed a preference for fairer skin, the caste system in India, the prestige with the blue tinted skin of unsunned Aristocrats. It´s not just a caucasian prejudice. Don´t be an idiot man

  11. ChaCha Morris says:

    Hey if the shoe fits Britney will wear it. AND it does not look good!


  13. Corey White says:

    Gregory Smith The truth hurts. You could write a book and it doesn't change the fact that black people have been on this earth for millions of years. They have found the skeleton! Whites about 18 thousand years ONLY. You can study all of the false science you want to try to rationalize your thoughts but it won't change truth. Only two black people can create a non-melenated person. Yes, albinism! The white race is a genetic defect. As far as people losing pigment because of lack of sunlight. Ask the indigenous Aleutians in Alaska. They are dark chocolate black and have been living in frigid weather for thousands of years. You are comfortable in this system of white supremacy, When proof surfaces that you are genetically inferior.. it makes you VERY uncomfortable.

  14. Gregory Smith says:

    Corey White You aren´t stating any truths. You´re so poisoned by your racist beliefs that your logic and ability to reason have become compromised. Your answer to the shifting palette of pigment is to mention an isolated exception to evolutionary adaptation, which isn´t an exception at all actually, because they are exposed to high amount of subcutaneous radiation with the months of endless sunlight that close to the north pole. Albinism is a chromosomal abnormality, and has a great many more characteristics then the hue of the skin. The white race is a genetic defect? Wow…you do realize how racist you are, don´t you? The white man´s gotten so underneath your skin that he´s turned you into a peddler of psuedoscience and misinformation. Africa, with all it´s glimmering metropolises and bustling economies and bastions of erudite knowledge keeping universities and utopian governments really illustrates the genetic superiority of your people. If it was infested with wars and parasites and plagues and diseases and genocide you would probably have to think twice before saying that. Then again, you would probably just blame the white man, right? Racism makes me uncomfortable, from any direction.

  15. Gregory Smith says:

    Corey White check this out….thought you´d dig this

    ´´Is Racism Ridiculous, Or What?

    As black people we need a new language that white people can’t understand. We need to make it illegal for them to try and learn it. It will define white as negative and inferior, and black as powerful and pure. We need black police officers represented in large numbers patrolling white neighborhoods and a system of racial profiling based on our language to be suspicious of all white people, especially those wearing white. We need two hundred and twenty years of black presidency and black power predicated on 400 years of white slavery. There will be a large number of multicultural babies during this period because we will rape their women if we so choose. We need radical groups that target whites but are frowned upon by the predominantly black government because of their history of hanging and killing whites often while black families watch.

    We need to rewrite history to remove any European contribution and grant all credit of invention to blacks. We need to portray whites as lazy, greedy and savage while they work our fields, cook and care for our children. Give them credit for nothing. All avenues for success will initially be banned for whites until they can figure out a way to end the oppression.

    After whites have been granted civil liberties through protest and marches or whatever means necessary, we need to build more prisons so a disproportionate percentage of inmates are white. We need enough powerful blacks to control the major media networks and enough advertising agencies to control the white image saturating the media and advertisement world with a disproportionate percentage of blacks. We need to stop war on countries of color and start fighting wars against small powerless white regimes around the world with resources we can exploit. We need for all white nations to become third world countries and wherever you travel the darker skinned people are in power and whites are looked down upon.

    We need to stereotype whites as being good for nothing except the ability to make cheese. Whites will only be pushed into the field of making cheese and nothing else. They will only be revered for their ability to make cheese and those who excel in this capacity will be rewarded with wealth and prosperity and revered as an example for all whites.

    And after all that we need a white president to tell them its all over, get off your lazy asses and quit asking the government to bail you out. Then we need blacks to feel like we’re losing the country and label whites as the problem, but if you’re black and you have a white friend you won’t be considered as part of this group, even if you are. And after all that who would really care if whites were racist. I’ll tell you, the ignorant blacks, who with all that privilege still felt like black privilege didn’t exist. ´´ Shegun Pointer

  16. Robert M Crump says:

    Terrible article. The images used are clearly bias, and to have Nicki Minaj on there and claim she aged well? Plastic doesn't age #SmartenUp

  17. Zeondra Gayle says:

    I couldn't help but notice that they used the worst pictures of white people as proof. Very disgusting indeed.

  18. Ida Delucia says:

    Corey White
    You're a very ignorant man. Racism happens both ways. I am looking through this site do to my interest in what most black people think about white people. And Adele had a child and has heart troubles she been hospitalized for. And I have seen some terrible pictures of Rhianna as well as Adele. Also I have seen Rhianna in California she loves the white men.

  19. Ida Delucia says:

    I have a friend in Utah who is a black woman, I have known her since high school, and she has claimed that every job she has had is terrible. She was hired over qualified white men or women and bragged about it to me. I am white and well it ticked me off at first. Until three years ago when I learned she could not hold down a single job. Her last job was just reading off of a script to tell military personal about their benefits over the phone. She could not handle that. Now she is back on unemployment and food stamps. She also is divorced and has no children. So far she has lost over twenty jobs since she quit working for direct TV. She is also one of these unpleasant loud mouths that is argumentative and always right. She scares men away with her want to be a strong independent woman routine. In reality she is a mess. Because her version of black and proud keeps her from compromising in any type of relationship, even other black people walk away. She asked me if she could stay with me until she found a job, but she has this way of ticking off my husband every time she mentions how I am a slave to him because I clean, cook and serve him meals. She refers to my husband as white and lazy. Maybe one day I will tell her he is Puerto Rican.

  20. Ida Delucia says:

    Nicki Minaj looks fake here. She is colorless with not enough blush (or can she blush?). She looks like she is fresh of the embalmers table. Where Kate looks like she is full of life and healthy. I'd think Kate looks like she can go for a walk, Minaj's makeup make get a tad smudged.

  21. Ida Delucia says:

    Kelly Rowland has so much heavy eye shadow on it looks fake and she is muscular compared to Portman. Portman also looks more approachable.

  22. Ida Delucia says:

    Hudson also doesn't have her hair pulled back under a cap to give the appearance of no laugh lines.

  23. Ida Delucia says:

    Jada looks like a boy at times other times a small man in drag. Missy Elliot seems butch. I like Mary J. Blige, unlike most celebrities she was honest about her problems. Most celebrities blame others. And Cameron Diaz is a little to wrinkled she needs to take a vacation.

  24. Ida Delucia says:

    Nia Long actually has terrible breasts. I have seen photos of when she thought she could go braless on a couple events. Bad idea.

  25. Jerome Beck says:

    This is some concocted sneaky racist way of saying black people age better than white people…smh…you guys can do better than this

  26. Jerome Beck says:

    Gregory Smith I support this statement…well written

  27. This is so racist. You wonder why white people are always crying reverse racism? Hell no white people always look older cause they can't take the sun. This crap makes me sick.

  28. Carter V. Paige says:

    Wow. I've got to take a shower after click though this 'article'.

  29. Black folks always trynna be "right". The cops that will shoot ur ass think they are right.

  30. Monise Davis says:

    Why are people saying that they chose the worst looking pics of white people? Those are good looking pictures of Cameron Diaz and Adele. and Charlie Sheen looks bad on even his best day.

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