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Abuse Allegations Against Michael Fassbender Resurface, Black Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Breaking Her Nose

Michael Fassbender Abuse

Sunawin Andrews (right) accused actor Michael Fassbender of breaking her nose when he flipped her over a chair in a drunken rage. (Photo by Film Magic)

Domestic abuse claims against “X-Men” actor Michael Fassbender have resurfaced, his ex-girlfriend alleging in court documents that he had been violent toward her on at least two separate occasions.

According to court documents obtained by Daily Mail, model Sunawin Andrews, 44, filed a protective order against the actor in March 2010 accusing him of causing her serious injury after throwing her over a chair and breaking her nose in 2009. Fassbender, who had been drinking that night, was reportedly upset with Andrews for waking him up. According to Andrews, she woke him up because he was expected to speak on a panel but she found him laying in urine.

The second incident occurred later that year when Andrews said Fassbender flew into a fit of rage when her ex-boyfriend approached their table at dinner to say hello.

“Michael was drinking and became angry,” Andrews wrote in the court filings, noting that her friends were concerned and followed the bickering couple home in their car.”

As they got closer to her home, the model said she put her car in park and walked around to the other side to remove the keys from the ignition. That’s when she claims Fassbender pulled off, dragging her with her own car.

“He stopped after he realized I could not walk and got out of car,” she wrote. “He picked me up and put me in car as my friends pulled up behind us. They stayed the night to help calm things.”

Days later, Andrews said she woke up in a deep sweat and in pain with vaginal bleeding, according to court documents. The model said she was admitted to the hospital, where she found out she suffered a “twisted left ankle, blown out left knee cap and a bursted ovarian cyst.” There was lots of internal bleeding, she added.

Included in her petition were medical bills detailing the injuries Andrews claims she got from Fassbender dragging her with the car. She’s wanting him to foot the nearly $24,000 bill, as well, which includes her surgery, x-rays and pain medication, Daily Mail reported.

Andrews filed her petition in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 12, 2010, but reported that the last date of Fassbender’s alleged abuse happened on November 18, 2009.

The model was awarded the temporary¬†protective order but later withdrew her petition on April 6, just one day before a scheduled hearing. Andrews never gave a reason for the withdrawal. Since the court filing, Fassbender’s reputation has remained largely intact. He’s since starred in the “X-Men” franchise as Magneto and recently married actress Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne film). There’s no public record of Fassbender commenting on the abuse allegations.

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