Rihanna Resumes Tour After Illness

Last night, Rihanna resumed her “Diamonds” world tour after a bout with laryngitis.  The singer excitedly tweeted before her show in Philadelphia: “One of my favorite cities in America #PHILLYnation #DiamondsWorldTour WE BACK!!!!”

Earlier this week, Rihanna was forced to cancel shows in Boston and Baltimore after coming down with a fever and sore throat. A source reported to Hollywood Life “She feels awful she had to cancel two f****** shows but it wasn’t nothing she could do about that.”  The source added, “In the future, She hopes her fans give her another chance and you know she’s going to give the crowd in Boston and Baltimore a little extra!”

The “Diamonds” tour source further claims Rihanna took her break seriously and had been “taking it easy over the past few days, getting much needed rest so she can continue her tour.”  This statement does call into question what exactly qualifies as “rest” in Rihanna world.  Does that mean no weed or Chris Brown? Limited Instagram?

Regardless, she did take the stage and perform to an enthusiastic Philly crowd last night at the Wells Fargo Center. To mark her return to the tour, she was showered in  elaborate Givenchy gifts by a mystery man named Riccardo. “Special delivery!!! Thank you Riccardo! #tourlife#goodlife #heelsgivenchyhuh”  the singer tweeted last night.

Rihanna is also back to her typical level of Instagram posts.  In recent weeks, the singer has been receiving a deluge of threats and nasty comments, in particular about her relationship with Chris Brown.

“Rihanna is scared. Her management has taken these threats very seriously and has ramped up her security team. The level of vitriol aimed at her since her reunion with Chris Brown is unbelievable,” a source told Heat magazine.

Last night, RiRi put the haters in their place, defending some nasty comments about her fans. “Yall type so tuff,”  she began. “Lemme guess y’all broke, dickless, and got private profiles??!! Bring your pretty lil asses down to the clearport if u done typin.”

I guess she’s done “resting” now.

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