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Lil Wayne Suffers Yet Another Seizure, NOT in a Coma

Lil Wayne did indeed suffer from another seizure that was pretty serious, but the rap star is not in a coma nor in the critical condition that TMZ alleged he was in.

Weezy has been having quite the battle with his health as his seizures are starting to occur more and more frequently, but it appears TMZ’s reports that the tatted up rapper was in a coma were absolutely false – and the YMCM family isn’t very happy about that.

The popular celebrity gossip site reported that Wayne’s seizure sent him into a coma and that doctors believed the coma was caused by a large amount of drugs that had to be pumped out of his stomach.

The site even went so far as to report that Weezy’s mother was flying in to make a decision on whether or not Wayne should be kept on life support.

Fans immediately went to Twitter in a frenzy as they sought answers to what was going on with the “No Worries” rapper… and that’s when things got a little fishy.

In the midst of TMZ’s reports that the hip hop star was in a coma he managed to still be tweeting.

Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the fact that he was tweeting was what he tweeted.

“I’m good everybody,” the tweet read. “Thx for the prayers and love.”

Huh? What happened to the coma? The critical condition that had Wayne in bed with tubes coming out of his nose?

The Twitterverse still wasn’t sure what to think about the situation but Wayne’s good friend and label mate Mack Maine finally straightened things out a bit.

“Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game… thanks for the prayers and concern… he will update you al soon #love,” he tweeted.

Weezy’s publicist released a simple and relatively vague statement with an update on his health.

“We can confirm Lil Wayne did have a seizure and that he is recovering,” the statement said.

As vague as it may seem, it still seems like evidence against the whole coma story. It seems highly unlikely that Tunechi’s publicist would release a statement while he was in a coma and not mention that he was in a coma. Also, by saying he is “recovering” suggests that he is in stable condition now.

On the other hand, his right hand men weren’t so kind about their public statements and several stars came out to bash TMZ for sending out what they claim are false reports.

“F**k TMZ,” Mack Maine tweeted.

He also went on a much longer rant about TMZ but has apparently deleted some of the tweets since then.

T.I had much more to say to the popular site and hasn’t made the move to delete his public statement… not yet anway.

“Just holla’d @ my Lil bruh Tunechi … & he skraight! TMZ some f**k-ni**az for reporting that hoe-ass-sh**,” he tweeted in his usual T.I fashion. “That man daughter is like mines. That sh** surely got his mama hurtin, his kids hurtin, & he got true to da game patnas like me & Othas who ready to RIDE bout all da f**k sh**.”

So what we got out of that message was that Harvey Levin might need to watch his back and buckle down on security for a little while.

Apparently T.I isn’t the only one claiming the reports were fake.

Even Weezy’s own family is reporting that he is just fine.

“Don’t listen to The Lies, I swear there all lies,” Wayne’s daughter Reginae posted on Instagram along with a picture of herself smiling as she quoted Drake. “TMZ you a fool.”

Even Toya Wright put in her two cents on the situation claiming that the rumors were just hurtful and unnecessary.

“It would be a much better world if people would just stop and think before they spread RUMORS,” she wrote on Instagram. “Have you considered the people you are really hurting with your lies??? #kids #family #fans.”

Birdman and Jay Sean also took to social media to reveal that the “Love Me” rapper is doing fine and is indeed NOT in a coma.

While the reports of how serious his condition was were proven to be not so accurate, nobody from Weezy’s camp denied the allegations that the seizure was induced by a Sizzurp binge.

Now for the people who are really into conspiracy theories, the entire camp could be lying about his medical condition because they don’t want the rapper to appear weak or show fans that his love of drugs is actually killing him. It’s a possibility, a very unlikely one, but still a possibility.

If that does turn out to be the case though, it will definitely be one of the biggest celebrity hoax stories since everyone was accusing Beyonce of having a fake baby.


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