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Nicki Minaj Makes Successful Fashion Transformation

Nicki Minaj is definitely succeeding in changing her look in order to be taken more “seriously,” and we feel like the new look will only improve her career.

Nicki may have been popular in the hip hop community and even as she transitioned into mainstream pop, she still didn’t have a look that was relatable.

When she hit the red carpet she looked like she was ready to go trick or treating or had just lost some sort of bet.

No matter what music she produced, nobody could really take the hip hop Barbie seriously when she was dressed like some sort of cooky drag queen.

Well Minaj is changing things up and shared some photos of herself in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Paired with some matching pumps and her sleek blonde do, the “Starships” crooner finally looked like a fashionable Barbie after all.

We know what you’re thinking. Nicki always pulls off one fashion miracle before drifting back into her drag queen costume ways. Well this time she is serious about changing her look.

The no nonsense rap star fired her entire glam squad – stylist, hair dresser, make up artist and all – in order to follow through with her new style transformation.

“She’s fired her long-standing hairdresser who has been responsible for some of her crazy hairstyles over the years,” The Sun reported. “She’s also fired her stylist. Nicki feels that now she’s done with ‘American Idol’ she can finally be taken seriously and release a proper hip-hop album.”

Our favorite part about the entire make over is the fact that she is proving that women can look sexy and still be covered up. Just because she has some huge, expensive “assets” now doesn’t mean she needs to have them exposed to the world.

We’re pretty sure that her judging position on ‘American Idol’ is partly to thank for the new look. With the nation wide singing competition being a family program, her usual ensembles probably wouldn’t go over very well with the show’s key demographic that may be watching with their kids.

She won’t only be dressing like a chic Barbie either. She posted another pic of herself by the pool in a stunning Alexander McQueen dress that made her look like the gorgeous women she really is.

Let’s be honest. It was hard to admit to yourself that Nicki Nick was a gorgeous girl because she was so trashy all the time. Am I right?

Well now her beauty can finally shine through since you won’t have to stare at some Lady Gaga-ish costume or a pair of huge fake knockers.

And in case you missed it, the hip hop beauty is claiming that she hasn’t actually had any work done from the neck up.

Now before you look at side by side pics of Nicki and compare how her facial features have obviously changed over the years, consider the fact that Kim Kardashian is almost unrecognizable without her makeup.

Contouring does magical things – trust me.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to see how her fashion sense grows as time goes on and we’re hoping that the hip hop community will still welcome her with open arms despite her new mainstream look.


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