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Stanley Kubrick's 'Napoleon' to Return as a Miniseries, Courtesy of Steven Spielberg

Stanley Kubrick didn’t just direct some of the greatest movies ever made – he tried to direct several of the greatest movies that ended up never getting made. His most ambitious unrealized project was Napoleon, an epic biopic of the French conqueror. Kubrick began planning the film after the success of 2001: A Space Odyssey. By his own estimation, he read around 500 books about Bonaparte to research for the script (which is available on the Internet, if you’re interested in reading it). He planned to film on location in France with tens of thousands of extras. But the project was just too expensive, and never got off the ground.

And now, Steven Spielberg is planning to finally realize Kubrick’s script – not as a film, but as a television miniseries. And that’s… really all we know about it at this point. But that’s all I need to know to get excited. After all, the last time Spielberg picked up where Kubrick left off, we got AI (which is a great movie, don’t you dare say otherwise). This is something to pay attention to.

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