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Beyonce Wants "Regular" Sound on New Album

Beyonce Wants “Regular” Sound on New Album

Now that Beyonce has aired a more personal side in her HBO documentary, she is similarly going for a more authentic sound on her new record.  The Dream, Bey’s chief producer, recently shared a few thoughts about the record’s progress:

 “There’s no particular sound that I think we’re shooting for–we’re just trying to make music that feels good. If you seen the HBO thing, which was great, we had been talking about doing something that showcases who she is and what she wants because we see those figures that are so out of the stratosphere. They are just these pop Gods, they have no wrongs, no bad days… She’s just shooting to be regular and OK and not trying to appease everybody.

The album has yet to get a release date.  This spring, Beyonce will also be teaming up with Selma Hayek and Gucci for charity. Beyonce and Hayek are joining Chime For Change, the fashion house’s new campaign, which supports projects for women and girls across the globe.

In a statement, Queen B says: “Girls have to be taught from early on that they are strong and capable of being anything they want to be. It’s up to us to change the statistics for women around the world. I’m honored to be in the company of women who live fearlessly and set an example for the next generation of young ladies.

Halle Berry aims for comeback with The Call

It seems like Halle Berry has only made headlines lately for her personal life, in particular her custody battle with ex-husband Gabriel Aubry. Now, the Oscar-winning actress (Monster’s Ball) is placing the attention back on her career with The Call. In the film, Berry plays a 911 operator who receives a call from a young girl (Abigail Breslin) who has just been abducted.

In order to save the girl, Berry’s character must face a killer from her past. The Call hits theaters March 15.

NBA star Amar’e  Stoudemire is inspiring kids to read with new children’s book, saying in a statement “the ultimate swag is being smart.” [The Grio]

Ja Rule will finally be released from prison on July 28, after serving sentences for gun possession and tax evasion. [ChristianPost]

Jennifer Lawrence relaxes after the Oscars in Hawaii with wine, no makeup and a new hair color. [Us Magazine]

Zoanette Johnson stuns on American Idol with “Circle of Life,” getting a standing ovation from all judges except Mariah Carey, who rises for no one. [MTV]

Paris Jackson debuts new look full of short hair, piercings and a ripped t-shirt. [Daily Mail]

Tia and Tamera Mowry let go of body pressure after babies. [People]

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