The Best and Worst Dressed of the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet

The 2013 Oscars Red Carpet was full of fashion successes and failures while some stars proved they were natural born fashionistas, while others proved to be fashion flops.

The arrival of the Oscars means that award season is wrapping up, and the stars made sure they brought out some of their most elegant looks for the show.

Many stars played it safe for the Grammys especially after a strict dress code warning was sent out to all of the celebs, but it seemed like some much more daring dresses were at the Oscars – and some of them proved that maybe the dress code as a good thing.

Naomie Harris walked a very fine line between dramatic split and a “private” peep show if you catch my drift. The Skyfall star may have over done it with her split which came all the way up to her waist. One wrong step and the paparazzi would have snagged the crotch shot of a lifetime.

Luckily, it seemed like she did a lot of practicing on exactly how to walk in the unusually high split and managed to keep her goodies in the jar while she worked the carpet.

Her high split paled in comparison to Brandi Glanville’s low plunging neckline. We couldn’t look at the gorgeous star without wanting to yank her dress up a few notches. It literally looked like her dress was clinging on for dear life because one inch of a slip would have exposed her nips.

However, this was another wardrobe malfunction close call that was avoided – and we’re pretty sure that some strong dress tape is to thank for that.

Either way, both of the looks were gorgeous even if they did have us holding our breath the entire time the gorgeous ladies strutted their way down the carpet.

We couldn’t say the same for everyone however. Kelly Rowland left us disappointed. After her breath taking look at the Grammys, her weird strapless gown with the asymmetrical boobs was extremely underwhelming. Not to mention that the choice of shoe didn’t really go with the black and white gown. A pop of color or a black heel would have looked great with the Donna Karan Atelier gown. Instead she opted for some strappy heel that may have been more fitting for brunch and we honestly can’t tell if the heels were brown or see through? Either way, it just looked strange and every fashionista knows that a high split means your shoes better be flawless.

Another huge fashion disappointment was Anne Hathaway. She usually blows us away with her red carpet looks, but this time we were less than impressed.

The material of her classic looking Prada dress made it look cheap (and we’re well aware that it wasn’t). It looked like a homemade prom gown that you might be forced to wear in high school because your grandmother made it. The fabric wrinkled very easily, making it look like the usually fabulous Anne Hathaway rode to the Oscars in somebody’s trunk.

Perhaps the worst thing about the dress however, were the seams on the front of the gown that made it look like the actress’s nipples were piercing through the fabric. Honestly, we can’t find anything to like about this look which saddens us dearly. Maybe next time Anne… maybe next time.

Fortunately, there were some major fashion successes on the carpet as well.

Kerry Washington proved exactly why she needs to be on every major magazine cover when she showed up in a gorgeous coral down with an embellished bust. With so much dazzle going on across her chest she kept the accessories to a minimum – like a true fashionista would – and left her hair simple as it cascaded down her back.

Halle Berry came to the carpet with a vengeance, ready to redeem herself after Fashion Police named her one of the Worst Dressed celebs at the Golden Globes.

This time she kept it classy, powerful, and sexy – a combination that fits the Cloud Atlas star very well. The dress’s long lines made Berry look taller than ever and skinny belted featured accented her tiny waist. She managed to show off a little cleavage while still keeping covered up enough to not have us fearing that the girls would be making their own guest appearance.

As for Jennifer Hudson, we were a bit confused by her dress at first but by the time she reached the end of the carpet we gave her a thumbs up. The glittery blue dress hugged J. Hud’s body perfectly and while we weren’t feeling too great about the fish scale look we decided she still pulled it off with class and elegance. Gon’ head Jennifer…. You sexy mermaid you.

She probably shouldn’t have worn blue though because two other ladies definitely took the shine as far as blue hues are concerned.

The adorable 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis hit the carpet in her own blue dress and flaunted our favorite accessory of the night – her doggy bag. What we love about this is that even though Wallis is a huge star in Hollywood now, she’s still being a 9-year-old girl. She even named the stuffed bag after her real dog, Sammy.

Her entire look was classic and very age appropriate without being too boring. We can’t wait to see how her fashion sense evolves over the years.

We were also extremely excited to see Robin Roberts hitting the carpet in a spectacular blue gown. While the style of the dress was perfect for the “Good Morning America” news anchor we really wish it would have been made out of a different material. Other than that she looked striking as she flashed her usual bright smile for the cameras.

You can always expect the biggest stars to make it out to the Oscars so it was great to see everyone from Queen Latifah to …. Oh My Goodness!!! Is that life size retro Barbie! I can’t believe it! Barbie came to the red carp-…. Oops. False alarm. It’s Maria Menounos.

We’re not saying we don’t like her, but that was a bit of a let down. We thought for sure the real life Barbie showed up to make a point to Nicki Minaj who the real Barbie is.

Anyway, Maria’s curves looked amazing in the gown but your body can only do so much for an ensemble. The dress itself wasn’t too bad – a little reminiscent of Peptobismal but not terrible – the problem was in the styling. She had her hair teased a bit too much and the head band? On the red carpet Maria? You know better.

Other stars such as Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence stuck with a more muted, neutral pallet and still looked stunning – although Jennifer’s look may have been a bit too bridal for our taste.

Overall, many of the looks were huge improvements from the play-it-safe ensembles that covered the Grammys red carpet but it still didn’t match some of the daring fashion choices that we saw at the Golden Globes.


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