Kristen Wiig Will Play A Small Role On Upcoming 'Arrested Development'

For those of you, like myself, that are counting down the days til Arrested Development returns you’ll be happy to know a few great names in comedy have already agreed to help out.   Kristen Wigg has officially signed on to play a small role on the show.

The Bridesmaids funny woman will be playing a young Lucille Bluth ( played by Jessica Walter) in one of the upcoming episodes, set to release on Netflix in May 2013. Originally airing on Fox for three seasons (2003 – 2006), the show, for reasons unknown to fans, was cancelled by the network citing low ratings. Since then there have been several rumors surrounding the show’s return, including the series being picked up by Showtime.   There has also been talk about an Arrested Development movie, but all the chat seemed to be proven wrong. Until it was announced last year that the show would be coming back, Arrested Development has been broadcasting on the online streaming channel, Netflix.  More details coming soon…


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