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Mandy Moore To Star In Yet Another New Sitcom

Ohh Mandy Moore, maybe third time is a charm?  Word on the street is that Mandy Moore is attached to yet another new ABC comedy series called Pulling. The actress has been attached to two other TV pilots that were declared dead before even airing a pilot.

As seen on Deadline, Pulling focuses on three single thirty-something women who live how they want, despite what society expects of them. Moore will play the husband-hungry Louise who desperately tries to find the man of her dreams, but always falls short.

The idea of a show based on thirty-something single ladies isn’t anything new. Sex and the City made being thirty (and even forty) and still single the cool thing to do. In fact, Moore’s character Louise seems reminiscent the ever optimistic Charlotte York (Kristen Davis). The popular new Fox sitcom, The Mindy Project, also follows a successful mid-thirty year old as she struggles to make her life mirror a rom-com with a happy ending. The Mindy Project and Sex And The City are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to single lady TV series.

Mandy Moore was undeniably an ‘it girl’ of the early 2000’s. She inspired tears in A Walk To Remember and showed her stuff as the mean girl in Saved and The Princess Diaries. Let’s not forget her career is a recording artist, bringing us the sugary sweet pop hit Candy. Since then, the singer turned actress has made quite a few cameo arcs on TV, including Entourage, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey’s Anatomy. In my opinion, her best role to date was as the voice of the curious and coiffed princess Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled. She even won an Emmy for the song “I See The Light.”

I wish the best for Mandy Moore, but have a bad feeling about this TV show endeavor. Perhaps sitcoms aren’t her forte and she should focus on spearheading a Tangled 2 , but who knows I could be eating my words come pilot season. We’ll see though…

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