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New TV Spot and International Trailer for 'GI Joe: Retaliation'

GI Joe: Retaliation has released so many trailers and teasers that a comprehensive viewing of the film could in all likelihood be established on promotional material alone. Following suit, both a TV Spot and International trailer have been released via Empire Online.

The TV spot for GI Joe: Retaliation is comprised of everything you could possibly imagine from an action film based on a comic. It has a guy riding a motor cycle that eventually turns into missiles. It has a guy cutting a bullet in half. It has Bruce Willis looking at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in such a way that the film could pass as a buddy cop movie (isn’t it, though?). Check it out below.

But that’s not all, folks. GI Joe: Retaliation has also released a new international trailer. Its content is comparable to the TV spot but on a much grander scale. Here, for instance, we see what London would look like if hit by a nuclear weapon. We see a guy shooting ninja stars to pieces with bullets. And we see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis hand out one-liners like they’re candy. Of course, more plot details are also released.

GI Joe: Retaliation finds America’s favorite special forces battling Cobra once again. This time, the Cobra has the one-up on our heroes in somehow finding a way to impersonate the President of the United States after slaughtering almost everyone in the unit. The film reunites Channing Tatum and Byung-Hun Lee with Ray Park while also introducing the iconic Bruce Willis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In other words, you should know perfectly well what you’re getting into with a film like GI Joe: Retaliation – ninjas, explosions, car chase, motorcycle chases and guns! Lots of guns! Almost too many guns! In any case, be on the lookout for Retaliation at the end of March (the 28th to be specific) when it hits theaters. Until then, enjoy the new international trailer below.

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