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John Williams wants to Score the New 'Star Wars' Films

There’s a lot of talk swirling about who from the original Star Wars trilogy will or won’t be returning for 2015’s Episode VII. Now, a new name has been officially tossed into the ring, although a lot of people have been expecting if not hoping for it already. John Williams is the only movie composer whom most people can name, thanks to his providing the musical scores for all of the Star Wars films, in addition to half of Steven Spielberg’s ouvre, among other famous compositions.

Last week, while conducting a concert of the Young Musician’s Foundation Debut Orchestra, Williams said this to the audience:

“We’re about to play Star Wars [audience interrupts with cheers] and each time we play it, I’m reminded of the first time we played it decades ago. Neither I, nor George, nor anyone else involved thought this would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy. Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George… [more cheers].”

Really, if it weren’t for the fact that Michael Giacchino has scored all of Episode VII director J.J. Abram’s previous films, Williams would be an unquestionable shoo-in for the job. Giacchino is the hot new thing on the film score scene, and hes most likely itching to wave his conductor baton at the wars among the stars. Who will Abrams pick? More importantly, who is more likely to do a better job? Sound off in the comments, if you wish.

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