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Kris Humphries Dumped By His Own Divorce Lawyer

Kris Humphries is losing the little support he had rather quickly as his divorce lawyer called it quits and dropped the NBA star as his client.

These days it doesn’t seem like there are too many people who are eager to support Mr. Humphries through the divorce process. With a divorce process lasting longer than the marriage itself, we’re all just ready for Kim Kardashian and Kris to be officially divorced so we can retire all the jokes about Kimmy having another man’s baby while she’s still married.

Apparently, Humphries’s lawyer Marshall Waller is just as irritated as we are and he just couldn’t get the basketball star to realize that he’s fighting a losing battle.

The only thing holding up the divorce is the fact that the 28-year-old is convinced the famous Kardashian tricked him into getting married just for publicity and money.

His lawyer… well ex-lawyer is telling him to give up the debate and just divorce the reality star already.

Being the hard headed guy that he is, however, he still wanted to pursued the annulment and Waller has finally walked due to a “irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship.”

According to TMZ, Waller has been repeatedly telling Humphries that “there are no legal grounds for annulling his marriage to Kim, because there’s absolutely no evidence of fraud.”

Unfortunately, the basketball star isn’t the only hard headed guy in the case. His out of state lawyer is just as determined to continue seeking an annulment despite the fact that there isn’t enough evidence to support the case in a courtroom.

Meanwhile, Kim’s lawyer is doing her best to speed up the process so the Kardashian will be legally divorced by the time she welcomes little Kimye into the world. Her lawyer is pushing for a trial date for next month.


Chris Brown, Drake Finally Agree…. To Blame Each Other For Club Brawl

The nightmare of a club brawl between Chris Brown and Drake that resulted in innocent patrons being hit with flying liquor bottles is still haunting both of the music artists – and they could possibly be paying for it soon.

This is yet another reminder that terrible decisions in the past don’t just simply go away. While we had all forgotten about the Drake club fight in order to open up discussion for the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean parking lot brawl, one club patron who was caught in the crossfire still hasn’t forgotten the incident.

Mr. Ocean was quick to forgive Breezy for pushing him into a glass case and jumping him in the studio, but French model Romain Julien isn’t sharing those forgiving sentiments – he wants both of the young men to fork over some cash.

So how did their legal teams respond to the lawsuit? Only the most mature way possible – a good ol’ fashion round of the blame game!

Drake’s legal team is holding the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner responsible for the bottle throwing fiasco from last June while Breezy’s team is saying it’s all on Drizzy.

NY Daily News wrote:

The documents from Brown’s camp also claim that any damages sustained by Julien were caused by “unidentified individuals who were unassociated with Brown and not by Brown or any individuals under his control.”

“Brown is not liable for the alleged acts of individuals alleged to be in his ‘entourage’ or ‘posse’ since, if any such individuals were present, they were independent contractors and not employees,” the response reads.

If Julien were to win his case, “any judgment is rendered against him, he can sue Drake, the club and its owners to recover,” according to the argument.

Drake’s lawyers are taking a similar stance, stating in their filing that “any injuries and/or damages sustained by the plaintiff (Julien) were the result of the unforeseen and unforeseeable criminal acts of persons not under the control of” of the “Best I Ever Had” rapper. Drake is claiming that the “negligence, carelessness recklessness and violations of law” were the fault of Brown and the club owners.


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