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No Valentine, No Worries! Celebrate with the Anti-Valentine’s Day List

While perusing Twitter yesterday I saw all these tweets about Valentines Day. Everyone, it seems, has a love-hate relationship with the day of love. However, love it or hate it, it’s here. So what do you do when you find yourself without a Valentine’s Day date? Or if you’re like me and just don’t celebrate it, what are some clever ways to make Valentine’s Day just another day like any other?

Since the holiday of love falls during the week, today to be exact, then it shouldn’t be hard to go about your business as you would any other day. Get up, start your day as you normally would and don’t worry about the whole ‘flowers and candy’ thing. Simple enough.

Here are some other ways to sidestep Valentine’s Day this year:

1) Go to the movies – There are some great movies out right now that aren’t love stories. ‘Identity Thief,’ starring Melissa McCarthey of ‘Bridesmaids’ fame, Jason Bateman and rapper T.I., is a comedy that opened at number one last weekend. If it’s action you want, the latest installment in the ‘Die Hard’ series, ‘A Good Day to Die Hard,’ is in theaters now as well.  There are numerous movies that you could see that would take your mind off of the Cupid-inspired celebration.

2) Do a deliberate act of kindness – While you might want to mope around because you do not have a valentine, think of others. Try visiting a nursing home with small valentine’s cards and chocolate to make someone’s day brighter.

3) Be your own date: Hitting a local coffee shop, book store, or nail salon is a great way to unwind during any other time of the year. Why shouldn’t it be on Valentine’s Day? Whatever you’ve been dying to try, do it and turn the day for lovers into a day of adventure or relaxation for yourself.

4) Hit the gym: Much like Friday nights, the gym on Valentine’s Day will be virtually empty. That might be a good thing for those of you who have been wanting to try the latest Zumba or Spinning class but were too shy to go during the most crowded times. Take the opportunity to do something good for your mind and your body by visiting the gym.

5) Plan a mini-vacation. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, perhaps take a three day weekend and travel to visit friends or family. If you can’t afford to do that or just don’t have the time (or inclination), visit a local spot that you’ve thought about visiting but haven’t as of yet. Whether it’s an art class, a dance class, or a new restaurant, use the time to do something out of the ordinary for yourself.

Just because you don’t have a valentine, you don’t have to wallow at home in your bathrobe, watching sappy movies and crying. If you have family and friends who love and care about you then you have all the love you need on this day. Remember, no matter how much it’s hyped or how commercial it may seem, it’s just another day.

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