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Time to De-Stress! Young Adults Most Stressed Generation, says Survey

Feeling stressed? Join the crowd; especially if you’re a young adult. Somehow, between the invention microwaves and iPad, the younger generation got the idea that everything is supposed to be instant. If you’re one of those who get frustrated when your mac doesn’t immediately open the next tab and instead shows the ‘pinwheel’ (I cannot be the only one that happens to, seriously), then this article is for you.

Stress is real no matter what age. Cited in a recent Time magazine article, The national Stress in America survey (yes, this is a real thing), “35% of adults polled since 2007 reported feeling more stress this year compared with last year, and 53% said they received little or no support from their health care providers in coping with that heightened stress. The survey involved more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who answered an online survey in August 2012.”

That’s a lot of stress indeed.

The most poignant thing about the study is not that younger people are stressed, it’s that all people don’t feel that the current health care system adequately addresses their stress. On a very serious note, with incidents like the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Co., both suspects were young men in the prime of their lives…with presumably as much stress, or maybe more, than the average person. Reports in both cases indicated that the men were experiencing a mis-mangagment or outright dismissal of their mental states by health care professionals.

While most people don’t snap and go on a killing spree due to stress, many still do a poor job at handling their stress levels. In addition to seeking available mental health treatments (such as talk therapy or group sessions that can often be free to the public), what does it take to ‘relax, relate and release?’ Well, as cliche as it may sound, there are two things that will help the younger generation breathe easy. One key thing is for many of us to lower our expectations of success. This doesn’t mean quit your job and set up shop back in your mother’s basement. What it means is that if you don’t drive a Range Rover at age 25; if you’re not ‘making it rain’ in the club; if you’re not taking exotic trips and posting fabulous photos of your adventures on Instagram…that’s okay! Most of us aren’t at that age.

Hard work; not simply having a college degree, or watching reality TV and wishing that was you; is the only way you acquire things in this life. But more than mere ‘things,’ it’s the relationships built, the lessons learned and the self-improvement that happens along the way that is most rewarding. Things come and go but wisdom through experience is lasting.

Second, give yourself permission to de-stress. In this fast-paced, instant world of ours, we can often forget to unplug or worse…be made to feel guilty for wanting to do so. Taking care of yourself is a premium in this current world and it’s your right do to so. Taking care of yourself and de-stressing doesn’t have to mean fancy spas or stay-cations. A quick walk around the block to discover your neighborhood, a free yoga class or phone call to a friend to catch up can all be ways to clear your mind. Figure out what works for you and do those things in order to keep your sanity.

Being stressed is a right of passage of us all. In my early 20’s, I had an entire life plan mapped out. College. Check. Long-term boyfriend. Check. Graduation. Check. However, once things started to fall apart (the marriage and motherhood boxes are still unchecked) I realized that my ultimate plan is to enjoy each moment…hoping for the best, living for the day and securing for the future. While I’m not married or a mother yet, I have checked off the travel, public service and fun boxes in ways I never dreamed I would. Whatever my future may be, I want to walk into it with as little stress as possible.

So, do your best to practice de-stressing, slowing down and enjoying what you have instead of pining for what you don’t.

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