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'Top Gun' 3D IMAX Release Surprises at the Box Office

It seems people still have love for Maverick after all these years. The 27-year-old classic Top Gun, brought in a surprising $1.9 million this weekend in 3D box office sales.

To help promote the films upcoming 3D Blu-ray release on February 19, Paramount decided to re-release the classic in a six day run that started on Friday, where the film averaged about $6,600 per screen.

Converting the Tom Cruise film to 3D was a lengthy process. Using high-resolution original scans the film was remastered for the big screen and then slowly converted to 3D by Legend3D, the San Diego based film conversion company, all while Top Gun director, Tony Scott, oversaw the entire process.

When the film initially released in 1986 it quickly became a worldwide box office success, bringing in an estimated $350 million in its opening weekend alone. Top Gun was credited as launching the films lead, Tom Cruise, film career following the release.

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