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'Bones' Season 8 Episode 15 Spoilers: "The Shot In The Dark"

By the looks of it, Bones season 8, episode 15, will be very intense and full of drama. The spoilers for this week’s episode of the forensic anthropologist TV show will bring the audience through a whirlwind of emotions and curiousness.

This week, Bones is apparently shot by an unknown character while working late at the Jeffersonian lab. Thereafter, she is rushed to the hospital where her condition is marked as critical. During her stay at the hospital, Bones finds herself struggling with hallucinating about her mother, totally going against her normal logic.

Emily Deschanel (Dr. Temperance Brennan), recently talked about The Shot In The Dark episode saying, “Brennan is shot and she has an encounter that she believes is a hallucination, at least at first. She is transported to her childhood home and sees her mother, who is dead. So of course she believes it’s a hallucination.”

The spoilers of tonight’s show appear to contained dramatic overload. First, the couple is seen arguing where Bones subsequently storms out of the house with her destination being the Jeffersonian lab. While at the lab, she is then gunned down, where Booth later finds her, ultimately leaving little Christine in grief from seeing her mother in that condition.

Bones will air tonight on FOX February, 11 2013.

Spoilers below:

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