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Backstreet Boys Are Getting Their Own Tell-All Documentary

Backstreet’s back, alright! Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Beyonce Knowles, One Direction, and many others, the Backstreet Boys are getting their own full length feature film.

This tell-all documentary will follow the five original band members, covering everything from their humble child star beginnings to their quest for a comeback. A statement from the BSB said, “The fact that we are masters of our own destiny, a new album in the works and our 20th anniversary — it all adds up to being the right time to share our story”  – yea, that and the fact that everyone else is doing it.

The recently hired director, Stephen Kijack, promised it wouldn’t be a “3-D Boy Band puff piece,” (Hmm, is that a jab at One Direction’s new documentary 1D in 3D?) but instead it would focus on the ups and downs of one of the most famous boy bands in history. Apparently the group still has a major following in  Japan, Latin America, Germany, U.K., the U.S, Canada, China, India, Spain and Mexico, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This worldwide fan base is prompting the group to set out on a world tour.

At the threat of being forgotten with the rising fame of One Direction and The Wanted, the Backstreet Boys are pulling out all the stops to prove they’ve still got it. Personally I think they have nothing to worry about. One Direction and The Wanted don’t hold a candle to the original 90’s boy bands, including Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. Justin Timberlake’s smashing solo success means there is zero chance for an ‘N Sync reunion, so I guess we’ll have to be content with some vintage Backstreet Boys instead. The BSB documentary is set to hit theaters this fall.

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