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2013 Grammy Awards Fashion Winners and Losers

The Grammy Awards honored musical talents from every genre throughout the night, but we took it up on ourselves to give out our Grammy Fashion Awards to celebrate the stars who looked stunning on the red carpet as well as take the time to call out those who should be firing their stylists immediately.

So before the Grammys there was a lot of talk going around about the networks wardrobe policy. Stars we warned to keep covered up as the network revealed they didn’t want to see any sideboob, partial cleavage, sheer panels, or nip slips on the show. Well the celebs got the memo – and laughed it off. So our first award will honor our most fabulous fashion rebel!

And the winner is…. Alicia Keys! Mrs. Keys is our best fashion rebel because she broke the wardrobe rule not once, but twice and looked extraordinary both times. When she made her appearance on the red carpet she rocked a hip hugging black gown with a snakeskin top that showed off her toned midriff and found a loop hole in CBS’s “no sideboob” policy.

While the “Girl on Fire” songstress kept her side boob tucked away she did show off a little cleavage in the middle of ensemble and while we’re sure the network wasn’t too happy about it we were absolutely loving it.

After the red carpet, Mrs. Keys make a wardrobe change before taking to the stage to perform. She broke the dress code once again when she flaunted her curves in a sheer black dress with a small black panel going across her breasts to keep those nips hidden away.

Our next actress proved that sometimes less is more and she shocked us all with her relatively simple styling that still had her on the red carpet looking amazing.

Katy Perry is our clear winner for the Back To Basics fashion award. Her seafoam green dress hugged her figure flawlessly and she styled her hair with a simple middle part that left her dark hair trailing down her back. With no extra accessories, she let her embellished neckline (and the keyhole that revealed way too much boobie for CBS) have all the shine for the night. The floor length gown found the perfect way to mix a big of classic fashion with a modern twist while still being a fabulously simple ensemble – and we weren’t exactly expecting that from the outrageous pop star.

So if you saw the red carpet shows, you would know that the color of the night was definitely black.

Kelly Rowland, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, D’Manti and many more hit the red carpet in their best black formal wear. So whose look knocked it out of the park for us? Sorry ladies but we just have to give this one to Carrie Underwood.

The country music songstress actually managed to look classy and sexy while still abiding by CBS’s comical red carpet dress code. Underwood showed off her hour glass figure in a black and gray patterned Roberto Cavalli floor length gown which had just enough shimmer to add some sparkle without making her look like a chandelier.

She paired the look with a gorgeous 381 carat necklace that just tied the classic look together.

Now before people start running at us with pitch forks and torches for not handing the award over to Queen Bey or J Lo, allow me to explain.

Twitter raved over J Lo’s high split and sexy shoe and we totally agree. We just weren’t particularly blown away by the ensemble. The dress itself was relatively boring and we’re pretty sure they made it out of a blanket or a hefty bag. The only reason it looked so stunning that night was because it was on J Lo, but compared to her other red carpet looks this was quite under whelming.

As for the lady who “Runs the World” her look was definitely a close contender. The geometric pantsuit was a bit more conservative than what we usually see for Beyonce, but it still looked great on her. Her styling was impeccable with the sleek ponytail and red lipstick for a pop of color, but it just wasn’t enough to make us look twice… not the way we basically drooled over Carrie Underwood.

As for the best look of the night, we’re shocked to say this but we’re giving it to RiRi herself. Rihanna stepped out in a gorgeous, elegant floor length red gown with sheer panels around her toned tummy. A matching red lipstick and cascading brown waterfall curls tied the look together with perfection. It’s rare we get to see RiRi be sexy and classy so giving her a Best Dressed awards for her classy gown was a no brainer.

Our next award honors our biggest fashion let down. There are certain people who you expect a lot from at the Grammys and Adele is certainly one of them. The powerhouse vocalist is an amazing singer and with so much talent you can’t help but hope her fashion sense will be just as impeccable – it’s not.

While we do love Adele and sing “Set Fire to the Rain” in the shower on many occasions, her dress at the Grammys was a huge disappointment.

The gown seemed to be inspired by furniture as it found a strange way to combine an old fashioned grandma couch with a stiff antique lampshade. The Valentino gown did the star’s curves no justice and it made her look a good two times larger than she actually is. Paired with her usual up-do Adele looked like some crazy grandmother who sits out on her porch yelling at her imaginary cats.

While Adele disappointed us the most, she actually didn’t have the worst dress on the carpet. The 2013 Grammy’s Worst Dressed award definitely goes to D’Manti.

The singer was so excited bout her Grammy’s dress that she posted pictures of it to Facebook before she even left home, but once we laid eyes on it we were all wishing she would have stayed home.

The dress looked like a tattered mess and left way too much skin revealing for no apparent reason. The sheer look had strange black glittery patches covering her boobs and around her waist, but it made it look like her breasts were transforming into two black holes. It was just bizarre.

She almost had to share her Worst Dressed award with songstress Kimbra who showed up in a tattered version of a drunk Tinkerbelle costume.


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