Beyonce, Jay-Z’s Pre-Grammy Costume Party Gets Crashed!? Sort of…

Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to get ready for Gammy season by throwing their own pre-Grammy bash, and after taking a look at some of the outfits that showed up to the Roc Nation brunch there must have been a secret costume theme going on.

Bey and Jay got creative with their Grammy celebration as they had celebs rolling through in their best, most creative costumes!

The stars came out dressed up as everything from a Pokeball to an Amazonian warrior princess! – if you haven’t figured it out by now there totally wasn’t any costume party going on, people just figured they wouldn’t waste any good outfit when they’re going to be outshined by Beyonce anyway.

Anyways! Let’s take a look at some of those Grammy costumes!

Eva Marcille is absolutely gorgeous and she can pretty much find clothes from a dumpster and make them look high end and chic – and to prove it to you that’s exactly what she did!

Eva posed for the cameras in some baggy green pants, distressed brown combat boots, some strange Kimono inspired pajama shirt that she supposedly got at H&M (Let’s go ahead and get that off the racks), and a quirky fringe bag.

While the high bun was a fashion forward move that we did appreciate, the strange cross between an Amazon princess and a homeless person had us a bit confused.

Maybe she  just got attacked by the same mugger that Heidi Klum scuffled with?

Adrienne Bailon dressed up as a porn star (we aren’t sure which one) in a tiny fitted flared dress that combined modern fashion with the classic pin-up style. She paired the dress with a white heel and left her hair cascading down her back in loose curls and a side swept bang… now that we think about it, she might be dressed up as Snooki from Jersey Shore.

We actually like MC Lyte’s costume. The white and black fitted short sleeve blazer and knee length pencil skirt paired with her messy up do was clearly some sort of vintage flight attendant inspired ensemble.

If she didn’t want the outfit to come off costume-ish however she should have grabbed a colorful clutch to add a pop of color, matched her shoes with it, and taken up the hem of hem of her skirt a good two inches. But since she didn’t we’re still seeing flight attendant.

Our favorite celebrity costume of the evening however was definitely Rihanna!

Anyone remember the Bananas in Pajamas? Oh yea… RiRi took it there.

She stepped out in a chic version of the bananas’ navy blue and white pajamas, paired it with a simple heel and was on her way.

Meanwhile, other celebrities looked stunning at the event including Solange who rocked a retro blue dress with her natural short do, Roc Nation’s newest member Kylie Minogue who cashed out on a $2,200 Gucci dahlia print dress, the lovely Jordin Sparks who rocked her new curves in a fitted pink lace dress, and of course Kelly Rowland who opted for a simple black boyfriend blazer and fun printed trouser.

Of course, Beyonce herself was looking amazing as well as she also had a retro inspired dress that fit her curves flawlessly. Bey’s bold printed look was from Elie Saab’s Spring 2013 collection and we must say that she wore it better than the model on the runway who lacked the necessary “assets” to fill out the dress.

What can you expect though when Mrs. Carter made it clear that there isn’t anything she can’t do?

In the mist of working on her HBO documentary, knocking the lights out at the Super Bowl, and being named GQ’s sexiest woman of the 21st century, Jay-Z’s wife has grabbed yet another magazine cover.

Queen Bey looks stunning on the cover of Vogue’s March 2013 issue which ever so accurately reads “Beyonce Rules The World.”

While we agree with the headline, the styling of the photoshoot didn’t really go hand in hand.

Baddie Bey looked amazing because there isn’t anything you can put on her that wouldn’t work, but maybe they pushed that envelope too far when they wrapped her up in someone’s grandmother’s curtains.

That’s right they ripped down granny’s drapery, turned it into a strapless bra and high waisted shorts and a loose flowing robe before they threw it on Beyonce for the photoshoot.

Her cover shot is much better, however, as it shows the “Countdown” songstress in an edgy, modern black and white ensemble and a classy up do.

Her ability to look incredibly beautiful, sexy, and classy all at the time is perplexing but we absolutely love it!



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