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Invitation to Pre-Grammy Awards Party Unsettles Whitney Houston’s Mom

Whitney-and-her-mother-310x174It’s been a year since Whitney Houston’s death and her mother   is hesitant to go to Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy Awards party that her daughter was scheduled to attend the night she died.

However, Cissy Houston did make it out to the unveiling of  four Whitney Houston wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

It is no secret that the Houston family is still struggling to recover after losing Whitney last year, and being invited to the annual party that the iconic singer was supposed to attend the night of her death has rubbed Cissy Houston the wrong way.

“I got an invitation to the party, which is the most obscene thing,” Whitney’s mother told Access Hollywood. “I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know? Unheard of.”

Whitney’s 79-year-old mother claimed that perhaps Davis didn’t expect her to attend, but just wanted to give her something to remember her daughter by.

“I guess maybe he just send me a copy for remembrance sake,” Cissy reasoned.

Other members of the Houston family don’t share the same feelings about the invitation, and they don’t plan on just writing it off as something to remember Whitney by.

The R&B icon’s brother Gary Houston and sister-in-law Pat plan to attend the annual bash to support Davis and respect the close relationship that he had with the “I Will Always Love You” crooner.

“[Clive] was such an important part of Whitney’s life,” Pat explained. “I mean, that was her industry father and he really, really was. My husband and I will definitely be there this weekend to support Clive. Absolutely.”

When Clive had the big bash last year, the iconic songstress was in her suite when tragedy struck. Just hours before she was to make an appearance at the pre-Grammy Awards party, Whitney was discovered face down in a hotel suite bathtub. Investigators and coroners ruled the death an accidental drowning caused by the cocktail of drugs  – mainly cocaine – that they discovered in her system at the time of death.

Davis gave a heartrending speech to party guests after he discovered the “I Have Nothing” songstress had passed away.

“I don’t have to mask my emotions,” he said tearfully. “Not in front of this room full of so many dear friends. I do have a very heavy heart and I am personally devastated by the loss of someone who has meant so much to me for so many years. Whitney was so full of life.”

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