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American Idol Update: Is Nicki Minaj the New Simon?

Last night on American Idol, another round of  Hollywood cuts finished up for the men and brought out a new side of judge Nicki Minaj.

In the auditions, Minaj was unpredictably uplifting, offering esoteric, but well-meaning comments to even the worst of contestants. If they didn’t make it, she would frequently compliment something they were wearing, such as one girl’s aquamarine eye shadow.

In Hollywood, this persona was banished and Nicki was cold as ice, brutally telling contestants how “disappointed” she was in them.  She also rocked a big pair of sunglasses for most of the episode (a little too much fun last night Nicki?).

“This was the one time to fight for your life,” the rapper wailed at a group that had just been cut. “For the rest of you who have made it, fight for your life.” The song choice of one contestant in particular didn’t impress Nicki “fight for your life” Minaj.  Papa Peachez,  sang Lady Gaga’s “You and I,” to eye rolls from Nicki. “I’m pretty sure that flame is now completely burnt out. I’m so disappointed. I don’t know why you would choose this song,” she said, with Simon Cowell-esq disgust.

And we thought Mariah Carey was going to the diva.

Carey was actually fairly tame to the male contestants, who were whittled down from 43 to 28 last night. Carey would frequently make Randy Jackson be the bearer of bad news, while she sat and awkwardly smiled.

One contestant, Nicholas Mathis, got so upset he broke down on camera and ran out of the venue after being eliminated.

Next week, the show will follow the same process for the female contestants, who are reportedly stronger than the males this season.

Hopefully, the ladies will indeed “fight for their lives” or they will have to face the wrath of Ms. Minaj. No word on whether she will turn up next week dressed in a fitted black t-shirt, rocking a British accent.

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