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Britney Spears Close to Inking Vegas Deal, Cruises in Tiny Car

Britney Spears VegasSpears Tiny Car – Britney Spears is reportedly close to finalizing a deal for a lucrative Las Vegas gig. The pop star’s  longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, is speaking out about the reports. “We are in deep negotiations and I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen,” Larry Rudolph said to Extra. “Hoping to have a deal done very soon.”

Rumors are flying the deal will be with Planet Hollywood, as Spears’s ex-fiance Jason Trawick and Rudolph are good friends with Planet Hollywood head Robert Earl.  Reports say the residency will not be the magnitude of Celine Dion’s. Dion has a five-night-a-week contract with The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, earning nearly $40 million a year. A Spears show would likely be less nights per week with breaks between performances.

Even Britney’s tweets are beginning to tease the deal. The twitter handle for her Yorkie (yes, you read correctly), @hannahspears posted “Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips.”   Britney’s official twitter replied with: “I don’t think so honey #VivaLasVegas.”

The tweet adds further credence what Britney followers have suspected for a while: that Spears is not trusted to do her own tweets, but may well be doing the dog’s.  All-caps comments (BRING THE MILKBONES), references to Britney’s kids, odd philosophical statements (Why are tweets called tweets? I haven’t seen any birds on here…), occasional misspellings, and random photo uploads (a Roomba vacuum?) all signal Spears is at the helm. Sadly, her dog’s twitter is about all she controls these days.

Following her December breakup from fiance/agent Jason Trawick, Britney’s conservatorship reverted back solely to her Spears tiny carfather, who makes all her personal and business decisions–including the Vegas gig.

Britney seems to be doing OK since the breakup, spotted cruising around L.A. in a white smart car earlier this week. She was spotted driving the tiny car with bodyguard in tow.

No word on whether the tiny car will accompany Spears to Vegas.

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