Trailer for 'Phil Spector' Showcases Pacino and Mirren Talent

Al Pacino looks to be making a return to the eccentric with the new trailer for the HBO biopic Phil Spector, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Phil Spector focuses on the famous — perhaps infamous — music producer Phil Spector as he endures the trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. The equally enticing Helen Mirren plays Linda Kenney Baden, the lawyer sacrificing her reputation, career and personal values to defend Spector and uncover the truth.

Phil Spector is helmed by David Mamet, a director that hasn’t touched a feature project since 2008’s under the radar Redbelt. While he did have a hand in a few episodes of The Unit and The Shield, Mamet is known mainly for his screenplay writing, being the scribe for such films as Hannibal, The Untouchables, and Glengarry Glen Ross. We’re confident he’ll be able to translate his talent to the big screen, especially with such an outstanding leading duo.

Al Pacino‘s tendency to play a loud and over-the-top character seems to translate well for Phil Spector, as the titular man was always someone considered to be too talented and too large for simple life. To gauge Phil Spector’s influence, be on the lookout for a line from Pacino where he states “The first time you were being felt up, guess what? You were listenin’ to one of my songs.” While the quote is misogynist, self-absorbed and cocky, it is in all likelihood true — even now.

All in all, Phil Spector looks to be yet another success on a long list of successes for actors Al Pacino and Helen Mirren. To be quite honest, the duo is a match made in film heaven. You can catch Phil Spector airing on March 24, co-starring Jeffrey Tambor and Martin Jarvis alongside Pacino and Mirren. Until then, enjoy the trailer below a few times and check back for updates.

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