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Super Bowl Adds Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child to Beyonce’s Unpaid Gig

That latest updates for the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show have revealed that Beyonce won’t be getting paid for the gig, Alicia Keys will be singing the national anthem, and Bey will supposedly be joined by her former group members from Destiny’s Child on stage despite Michelle Williams shooting the rumors down.

The closer we get to the Super Bowl the more people are finally letting go of Beyonce’s alleged lip syncing performance at Obama’s second inauguration. Now the talk of the town is about Beyonce’s elaborate performance that she won’t even be getting paid for.

While professionals, exports, and a select few others have always known about the Super Bowl Halftime show tradition, others are shocked to discover that Bey won’t be getting paid to take the stage at the Super Bowl.

As it turns out, the Super Bowl doesn’t actually pay the artists to perform at what is television’s most watched event. They simply help pay for production costs and if the artist exceeds the budget given to them, the rest of the money has to come out of their own pockets.

The “Dance for You” crooner’s budget was $600,000 but she is well on her way to exceeding the budget like most half time performers usually do.

“Beyonce will not get paid, but her backup singers, her musicians, all the extras – they will be paid by the NFL production budget,” said Marc Ganis, the president of the consultancy Sportscorp Ltd.

Gains revealed that Madonna, who headlined the half time show last year, also exceeded her budget after hiring Nicki Minaj, M.I.A, LMFAO, and Cee Lo Green to make appearances during her set.

While the artists are expected to cover all the remaining costs for production, it usually doesn’t come out of their own pockets.

In Queen Bey’s case, Pepsi will likely have a lot to do with paying the remaining costs of the performance.

Pepsi made a $50 million lucrative deal with the former Destiny’s Child member and thanks to the “creative content development fund” that was a part of the deal, they will likely be forking over the rest of the money for Bey’s big performance.

With most advertisers paying millions for a 30 second commercial slot during the Super Bowl, the popular soft drink company certainly won’t mind paying a few hundred thousand to have their latest face of Pepsi give an incredible performance for half time.

Pepsi will also have their own commercials playing during the Super Bowl as well, which will feature winning contestants from who submitted their best Beyonce inspired photos. Half of the 100 winners will also join Queen Bey on stage to introduce her.

No word out on how Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will be introduced, but they will be taking the stage along side the “Countdown” songstress. They will be singing several of their classic hits before concluding their set with their new song “Nuclear.”

All together Mrs. Carter is expected to perform anywhere between four to eight songs during her set.

With the face off between the brother coaches of the Raves and the 49ers and news of the Destiny’s Child reunion, there was more than enough teasing going on about the Super Bowl, but Baddie Bey had to tease us a little more.

She took to Instagram once again to get her fans riled up about the performance as she dressed up in a sexy referee ensemble. She hugged a football tight to her body as she flaunted some sexy black high waisted shorts, a referee shirt, and some Kim Kardashian style thigh high leather boots.

So if Mrs. Carter is going to be busy getting ready to take the stage for half time who will be singing the national anthem? None other than the talented and gorgeous Alicia Keys.

Mrs. Keys shared her joy with MTV after she discovered she would be belting out the national anthem.

“Oh my goodness, I’m crazy excited about it,” Keys said. “Being able to do the national anthem and actually set the whole game off is a dream come true. It’s really exciting. It’s a historical moment, that day, so I’m looking forward to really doing it my style and my way, and I’m looking forward to really making it great.”

Keys will probably sing the anthem completely live thanks to the over reaction to Beyonce using a backing track, but she has proved time and time again that she can belt out flawless notes under any circumstances. Either way, we’re sure there will be a handful of people who will accuse even Alicia of lip syncing at the game.


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