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Vanessa Lachey Shares Pregnancy Anniversary Video

Vanessa Lachey decided to celebrate her one year anniversary since she discovered she was pregnant with her now 4-month-old son Camden.

Vanessa opened up about the trials she and husband Nick Lachey faced when they were ready to have a baby. She revealed that the process certainly wasn’t as easy as she expected it to be and at one point she finally gave up.

“Honestly, by mid-December, I resigned myself to the nothing that it was not going to be easy for us,” she wrote on her website as she reminisced about the special moment that happened a year ago. “So, I decided that I had to just let go.”

So getting pregnant slowly slid to the back of the “Wipeout” star’s mind. In the meantime, the couple continued to plan a getaway trip to the Bahamas, but first Vanessa had to wrap up some projects for “Wipeout.”

“Before we could relax and soak in the sun, I had to film [an] appearance and would meet everyone I (in) the Bahamas the next day,” she continued.

Little did she know that the special moment she had been waiting so long for would happen while she was farthest away from her husband.

After a day of hard work for the TruTV show, the now mother of one went out to catch a bite to eat to celebrate a friends birthday when tell tale signs of pregnancy started kicking in.

“I wanted absolutely everything on the menu,” she wrote on her website. “I also remember NOT wanting my martini. After dinner something in my gut said, ‘Let’s go back to the hotel… and pick up a pregnancy test on the way!’”

She was hoping that her intuition was right and after a series of pregnancy tests she finally received the news she had been waiting for.

The pregnancy test, and all the follow-up tests, were indeed positive.

“I was in absolute shock,” she continued as she retold the story of her big pregnancy news. “I had taken a pregnancy test multiple times every month over the past six months, but this one (and the nine others I took that night) was positive.”

Although the moment was a “beautiful” one she still was miles and miles away from her husband who was waiting for her in the Bahamas.

Being filled with joy, she had to find a way to keep quiet about the news so she could share the moment with her husband in person.

“I wanted to look into his eyes when I said, ‘I’m pregnant,’” Nick’s wife explained. “I wanted to feel his hug when he grabbed me with excitement. I wanted to take in the surroundings so that I would always remember the exact moment I told him he was going to be a father.”

It was a long night of silence for Vanessa as she tried to keep the news a secret, fighting off every urge to call Nick and blow the secret over the phone.

Finally, she was reunited with her husband in the Bahamas and begged him to join her on a walk along the shore – the perfect romantic spot for the special moment.

While the “What’s Left of Me” singer thought they were walking along just as husband and wife, Vanessa was the only one who knew they were walking together as a mother and a father.

“All I kept thinking about was this little life inside of me that WE made,” she gushed on the website. “He was growing and we were going to become a family. At that moment everything in me felt so right. I was bursting with emotion and wanting to tell Nick the good news.”

Finally it was the moment she was dying for.

“I took a deep breath, grabbed his hands, looked him in the eyes and told him, ‘I’m pregnant!’” she wrote.

His reaction was confusion and disbelief as he then asked her if she was serious. After confirming the news once again the couple hugged as they celebrated the day they became parents – “Jan. 6 2012.”

A year later the now trio went back to the same location in the Bahamas to celebrate what happened there a year ago.

Their 4-month-old son will probably grow up to be embarrassed the video later as he constantly scrunched his face and puffed out his already chubby cheeks, but for now it’s an adorable video that the new mommy was ecstatic to share.

“We will always have that memory together and now Cam will have one, too,” Camden’s mommy wrote. “I took this video that I will embarrass him with in the future, and I’m happy to share a piece of it with you.”

Check out the adorable (and soon-to-be embarrassing) baby news anniversary video below:

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