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Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Fight over Parking, Brown to be Investigated

Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean…over a parking space. I repeat…Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean in a parking lot over a parking space.

We could not make this stuff up.

The Los Angeles police are looking to speak to Brown to get a statement. By the time that authorities has arrived on the scene, the 24-year old singer was long gone. Since he has been named as the aggressor in this latest incident, it’s quite possible that the L.A. police are looking to not only speak with the ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ singer, but to detain him as well.

According to reports, there were a total of six people involved in the incident, including Ocean and Brown. By the time police responded to the report of a disturbance, the scene was clear. However, witnesses told the cops that it was Chris Brown who assaulted Frank Ocean. However, other sources reported to TMZ that while Chris did attack, he was defending himself from one of the members in Frank’s entourage. Sources say that as Brown was leaving from the studio, Ocean’s crew blocked the singer’s exit. From there, witnesses say that the ‘Novacane’ singer informed Chris that, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Presumably over it all, Chris went to make peace by extending for a handshake and that’s when things got ugly. Someone from Ocean’s crew allegedly tried to attack Brown, he reacted and it all got out of hand.

On Twitter, the ‘Thinking About You’ singer confirmed that he was indeed in a scuffle, tweeting, “got jumped by chris and a couple of guys. lol. i only wish everest was there.” You might think there would be ongoing Twitter beef between the men after Ocean put it out there, however Rihanna’s on-again, off-again boyfriend’s PR team finally took control of Brown’s Twitter account. As long as he doesn’t open up another account, it’s safe to say this incident won’t spark another one of his legendary Twitter beefs.

While he’s restricted from his Twitter account, the trouble singer has full reign of his Instagram. He posted pictures while in the studio (possibly after the parking lot fight happened) with the caption “Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bullshit will forever be in the shadows.”

Well, BS seems to follow this man where ever he goes and it might not stay in the shadows now given that Brown is accused of assault. Oh, good ole BS might be in the forefront for Chris very soon indeed.

With his violent past, frequent public outbursts and increasingly erratic look (compare Brown’s look just two years ago to what he looks like today) and some might wonder…is Brown’s behavior more than just simple anger? Also, with the increasing presence of hard drugs being mentioned in hip-hop (for example, mollys), are both of these men victims to more than just a “boys will be boys” mentality? Are we all witnessing two young men who are fueled by more than the desire to be the new prince of R&B?

Those are questions that can, of course, not be answered by just looking. With all the focus on Brown’s love triangle and Ocean recently coming out as a homosexual man, the music sometimes get lost in translation. We’re living in an age where singers and actors are more famous for their personal lives than the quality of their work. Reality TV stars are besting legitimate actors, singers and those with actual discernible talent in the fame game now days. Surely, that contributes to the urge for some celebrities to stay in the limelight in between projects by exposing their personal lives or worse…drumming up controversy for the sake of staying relevant.

No one knows if the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight was ‘real’. However, real or publicity stunt, it’s clear that both men need to focus more on their music and less on getting press by any means necessary.

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