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Changing Your Sexual Habits to Adjust to Your Partner’s Creates Better Relationships

Changing sexual habits for a partner can be mutually beneficial to your relationship, a recent study suggests.

Specifically, researchers asked romantically-involved couples how often they made sexual changes for their partners – for example, had sex more frequently than personally desired or engaged in activities that were not their preference – and how they felt about making these sexual changes.

People who made more frequent sexual changes for their partners had partners who reported being more satisfied in the relationships. In addition, people who felt more positive about changing their sexual habits for a partner felt happier in their relationships and had partners who reported greater happiness as well.

All study participants indicated their current level of intimacy in the relationship, for example, their perceptions of how often their partner hugged, kissed and cuddled them.

Interestingly, making more frequent sexual changes for a partner was especially beneficial for people who perceived low levels of affection from their partner. It seems that in relationships where there is less physical affection, which is typically linked with lower relationship satisfaction, making more sexual changes for a partner can protect against the negative consequences typically associated with lacking physical affection.

Making more sexual changes for a partner may create additional opportunities for closeness in a relationship, which is particularly important for couples who are less affectionate.

It is not clear from these findings why making sexual changes for a partner is beneficial. It may be that people who make more frequent sexual transformations are simply engaging in more frequent sex, which is linked to relationship satisfaction. It is also possible that people may sense their partner’s efforts to meet their sexual needs…

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