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Signs You Are Truly in Love

1. You can’t wait to see them again, no matter how long the wait. You’re excited to hang out with them-to play in their hair, to smell them, to hold their hand.

2. You’re mature enough to know that no relationship is ever perfect. There won’t always be good times. There will be fights, disagreements stemming from miscommunications and maybe even a lull altogether. But if you really love someone-you have to look past that stuff and think about the future. If you walk in on them in bed with someone or they accidentally ‘sext’ you instead of someone else, then that’s a different story. No relationship is perfect, and real love will get you through all the hurdles.

3. You think of them when you’re away. They gave you a teddy bear the first time you went on a date and you keep it on your bed and take it with you when you travel. When you get to your destination, you take a picture of yourself with the bear and send it to your love so they know you’re thinking of them.

4. You realize your relationship isn’t about sex. Your partner might have a porn addiction and they are going to masturbate without you. Relationship sex always dwindles, because life happens. Stress happens. Erectile dysfunction happens. Our relationships are held together by a lot of different things, and sex is only one of the adhesives…

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