Newspaper Bashes Atlanta Pro Sports Teams For Championship Drought

Atlanta pretty much stinks when it comes to securing a sports championship title, according to The Wall Street Journal. Many professional teams across the country have won several titles, or are in a good position to snag one — “Then there’s Atlanta,” the paper says.

Atlanta, the WSJ reminds readers, is still waiting for its second major pro-sport title since the Braves won the World Series in 1995.

Reports the WSJ: “Since then, Atlanta’s teams have made the playoffs 30 times in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL but have come away without any championships, a streak that the 49ers extended by coming back from a 17-0 first-half deficit to beat the Falcons, 28-24, in Atlanta in the NFC championship game on Sunday. That’s only the second-longest title-less streak in the city’s history: Atlanta went 0 for 34 in playoff appearances before the Braves won the ’95 World Series.”

The newspaper also notes Atlanta’s place on Bennett Donovan’s Donovan Index that ranks U.S. cities by their success rate in the major sports leagues, awarding more credit for teams that have won titles in recent seasons.

Atlanta ranks 30th out of 32 cities with at least three major professional sports teams. Only Detroit and San Diego are worse.

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