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Morgan Freeman Takes Center Stage With Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’

“It’s time you know the truth.”

Joseph Kosinski’s post-apocalyptic Oblivion blitzed the NFL playoffs on Sunday, with a TV spot that spelled out the deeper mystery of this Tom Cruise thriller. Sure, it has the planet’s most-bankable movie star doing his best WALL-E impersonation, cleaning up after a war that seemingly decimated our population. But then Morgan Freeman throws Cruise a curve ball, and Oblivion kicks into a higher gear. Here’s a look at the spot:

First, you can’t call your clip “Two Weeks” without inviting a comparison to the brilliant Total Recall — the Arnold version, not the Colin version. That’s an unfair expectation to out on Oblivion, though at least these longer TV spots demonstrate that it should be more than Cruise simply running across a barren wasteland, as was suggested in this photo from last week.

Kosinski, meanwhile, is trying to earn back some geek cred after Tron Legacy, which many viewed as disappointing given the hype that surrounded it prior to release. Pairing any director up with Cruise, particularly in a sci-fi actioner, is a step in the right direction…

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