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Karrueche Tran’s First Radio Interview, Denies Anti-Rihanna T-Shirt

Karrueche Tran opened up about her sex life, love of strip clubs, and constant Twitter hate during her first radio interview. Later she also took to Twitter to deny any involvement in the new anti-Rihanna t-shirts.

Karrueche stopped by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 where she swore she kept her personal life to herself, but then went on to share some very personal details about her sex life and new favorite hobby.

When she said she kept her personal life private we’re assuming she really meant to say she keeps her business with Chris Brown private because everything else was an open book.

When asked about her relationship with the R&B bad boy she simply said, “I can’t say. I have a lot of self control.”

She then laughed hysterically when asked about getting married to Rihanna’s lover, but indicated it was a bad idea in the future.

“The time is not right… at all,” she said as she laughed at the question.

She explained she was being so coy about the information because it was personal.

“I will always keep my relationship and my personal life private,” Tran said. “I stand behind whatever I do 100 percent. So, now that’s the focus.”

As for her sex life, however, that wasn’t so personal.

When was asked about her favorite position in bed she laughed a bit but didn’t hesitate to answer, “Doggy-style.”

Just a few minutes later she also opened up about her new favorite hobby now that she’s in Atlanta.

“Now that I’m in Atlanta, I’m going to have to go to strip clubs,” she said. “Y’all strip clubs are off the chain.”

She didn’t just hit Atlanta to talk about sex and strip clubs (thankfully). She also made sure to make time for some community service for MLK Day.

KaeKae was spotted at the Agape Community Center where she dropped off many toys for the 5-11 year old kids. In addition to dropping off toys she also read to the children at the “Page Turners Make Great Learners” event where she read “The Bernstein Bears: Blaze A Trail.”

The young aspiring model has had quite the busy schedule lately between community service for Brown’s Symphonic Love Foundation, promoting The Kill, and apparently working on some new business plans.

While in ATL, Rihanna’s arch-nemesis met up with Tiny Harris’ hair stylist to talk discuss her feature in ROLLING OUT Magazine.RiRi was also busy, however, as she tweeted photos from what appeared to be a photo shoot or video shoot along with the caption, “Lights. Camera. Action.” Also while the world is still waiting to see Karrueche’s line that was supposed to come out over a month ago, the Bajan beauty’s collection for River Island is already scheduled to be revealed at London Fashion Week next month.

Meanwhile Karrueche Tran’s clothing line might come out some time this year, but she swears that the latest anti-Rihanna t-shirts are not a part of “The Kill.”

Tran has been all over Atlanta promoting her new clothing line and modeling career and controversy sparked when she posed with a woman wearing a t-shirt bashing Chris Brown’s former flame, Rihanna.

The t-shirt read “Hi Rihanna” with the “Rihanna” crossed out and replaced with “Karrueche.” Underneath the caption was a sexy photo of Karrueche posing with her usual duck face (lips poked out, eyes squinted, cheeks sucked in).

Kae insists the t-shirt isn’t her doing, and apparently she doesn’t even think it’s a clever idea in the first place.

“I have absolutely no involvement w any shirt w my picture on it nor are they apart of The Kill. I think that’s kind of corny, no disrespect,” Chris Brown’s sorta kinda girlfriend wrote on Twitter. “But I’d never produce a shirt like that. I have no control of what other people do.”

The same way she can’t control what t-shirts people make, she also can’t control what kind of things people tweet about her either.

She admitted that many times she wants to let the Twitterverse have it, but she is trying to learn how to brush it off and keep moving on.

“It’s hard because sometimes, I really want to go there but I don’t,” she said during her Atlanta Streetz radio interview. “I just ignore it. I’m on my Twitter all day, [so] I pretty much read everything. You have to laugh at it and brush it off.”

Perhaps she should take a few of the tweets into consideration, however, because quite frankly it’s sad to see the aspiring starlet getting played like a brand new X-box. Either way, her personal life is indeed up to her and there is something about the Chris Brown love triangle that she can’t get enough of (probably the money and the fame).

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