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Michelle Obama Flaunts Bangs, Krakoff Dress At Obama’s Inauguration

Michelle Obama showed off her impeccable fashion sense in a royal blue Reed Krakoff dress at President Obama’s second inauguration and afterwards the President officially gave Michelle’s new hair a thumbs up.

Obama’s second term in office began Sunday Jan. 20, so he was privately sworn in on Sunday while the public inauguration ceremony will take place today Monday Jan. 21.

Michelle’s blue dress mated perfectly with her husband blue suit and oldest daughter Malia’s adorable blue dress.

Younger daughter, Sasha, made her own fashion statement as she went with a lacy purple dress with a wide, bold gold waist belt.

The fashionable first family filed into the room for the private swearing in ceremony in the White House.

The gorgeous blue ensemble and matching cardigan wasn’t the first time that the First Lady opted for a Reed Krakoff design.

She has also flaunted a Reed Krakoff tote bag as well as another gown and jacket from the famous designer.

Later that night the fashionable first family headed out for the celebration reception where they once again showed off their keen sense of style.

Not only was the first lady looking as fashionable as ever, but she also proved she was quite thrifty and doesn’t mind recycling an outfit or two.

While most public figures would be shamed to be caught dead in the same shirt twice, Mrs. Obama recycled her black glitzy Michael Kors dress for the inauguration celebration reception, and she still looked as stunning as always.

The dress hugs the First Lady’s figure perfectly and the new bangs even gives the classic dress a new look.

According to the President, while he loves Michelle’s bangs he also admitted that he always thinks Michelle is beautiful no matter what hair style she is trying.

A few pearls and blingy accessories tied the whole ensemble together as the FLOTUS looked as chic and classy as ever.

The reception in D.C was the dress’s second debut – the first time being back in 2009.

The fitness oriented mother of two proved that through all the years and the stressful moments with her husband being in office, she still hasn’t put on a single pound as she slithered back into the same dress from more than three years ago.

She first wore the Michael Kors dress in September of 2009 to an official dinner where she accessorized with chandelier earrings and her hair pulled back – proving that one dress can have a tone of different looks in the eyes of a good fashionista.

This morning the Presidential family attended the church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church along with Vice President Joe Biden and his family.

Hours before the public ceremony was scheduled to begin, thousands of excited supporters have already camped outside the capital waiting for the inauguration to begin.

Officials are expecting a 1 million fewer people to attend today’s inauguration, which will still add up to a staggering 700,000 people in the crowd.

With the president’s first inauguration being a historic moment, the turnout was exceptional and history has shown that a president’s second inauguration rarely has the same attendance as the first.

The ceremony will kick off at 11 a.m this morning and Mr. Obama will be sworn in on two very special Bibles – one belonging to President Lincoln and the other belonging to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. After being sworn in the President will deliver a 20 minute speech before special musical guests including Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson perform.

Despite the fact that the President hadn’t been sworn into office yet, celebs still were quick to celebrate Mr. Obama’s second term in office – and we don’t blame them.

On Saturday night, President Obama supporters brought their best looks to the Root Ball at the National Museum of American History which was quite fitting for a President who did indeed made history as the United States’ first African American president.

The green carpet was full of bright faces ready to enjoy a night of fun as they celebrated the beginning of another four years with Obama in office. Celebs included Angela Bassett, CNN anchor Don Lemon and Morris Chestnut.

Tons of other dedicated President Obama supporters showed up including Al Sharpton, NAACP President Ben Jealous alongside wife Lia Epperson, Attorney General Eric Holder with his wife Dr. Sharon Malone, and “Silver Linings Playbook” actor Chris Tucker.


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