Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson Heart-Felt Inauguration Performances (Video)

Beyonce has been a long time President Obama supporter and she used her powerhouse vocals to show her support at the President’s star studded second inauguration. Other famous singers such as Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, and Katy Perry were also in attendance.

It is no secret that Beyonce and Jay-Z share a close bond with President Obama and the First Lady, so it seemed fitting to have the powerhouse songstress belt out the National Anthem at Obama’s second inauguration ceremony.

After the President delivered a moving speech, Queen Bey stepped up to the mic to belt out the “Star Spangled Banner,” and although it’s a song she has performed before she admitted that it still made her nervous.

“…It is the type of thing that doesn’t matter how many times you sing it,” Beyonce explained. “And the biggest fear is making sure you sing it right, and sing it correctly.”

Despite making her nervous, she revealed that she still loves the song and is honored to sing it for such a historic moment.

“I love the song because the melody is so beautiful, and you have so many choices,” she continued. “I want to keep it really elegant.”

The 31-year-old mother of one looked stunning as the performed the National Anthem in a fitted black gown with sheer sleeves and an elegant design.

Husband Jay-Z matched his wife in a dark gray suit and the couple looked stunning as they walked together arm in arm.

“There is so much history that we have overcome,” Mrs. Carter said as she explained what’s so special about the inauguration falling on MLK Day. “And we are growing so much. It is so beautiful that I can make my family and my family’s legacy proud and it is a huge opportunity for me.”

Of course, the new Instagram user made sure she shared the entire experience with her fans by posting several pictures of rehearsals on the site.

The black and white photos pictures Queen Bey rehearsing the Star Spangled banner as well as an impromptu photo shoot in front of a statue of President Lincoln.

Another A-list performer tweeted a photo with Beyonce as they were just “hanging out.”

Kelly Clarkson, who took to the mic earlier to sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” ran into the R&B queen and someone snapped a pic of the ladies as they greeted each other.

Kelly tweeted the picture along with the caption “Me and B just hanging out… don’t worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!”

Both ladies have been strong supporters of Obama despite the fact that Mrs. Clarkson admits to being a fan of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul at one point.

Either way, she still voted for Obama twice and is proud of her decision and her performance.

“I think it’s going to be the coolest thing ever to look back with my grandkids and go: ‘I was a part of that and I’m proud of that. I’m not ashamed of that,’” the 30-year-old songstress said.

While she received some mix reviews about the rendition of the classic song, she stands firmly behind the arrangement.

“We came up with a really cool arrangement for it and I really love the lyrics,” Kelly added.

In the crowd, more A-lister Obama supporters were bearing the cold to be a part of a historic moment.

Actress Eva Longoria was seated on the platform out the Capitol where she took several pics of her view to send with her Twitter followers.

Perhaps one of Obama’s most hilarious but dedicated supporters; Katy Perry was in attendance with boyfriend John Meyer.

She didn’t wear the Obama ballot dress, but she did look classy and fashionable as she stayed bundled up. Perry rocked an orange and black trench coat with a brown belt around her waist. Her best accessory, however, was a smaller version of the hat Aretha Franklin wore for the first inauguration that she had specially made.

There are more big performances on the way later for the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball.

Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Mana, Usher, and Brad Paisley will also be lending their musical talents to show support for the President as he prepares to embark on another four years in office.

Kelly Clarkson “America”

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