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Helen Mirren's Still Got It: Watch The 'Red 2' Trailer

The entire over the hill Red cast is back and ready for action in Red 2, hopefully nobody broke a hip while filming!

I kid, I kidddd. Clearly these actors are more bad a$$ than most, even after pushing well beyond their 60’s. There’s nothing quite as cool as seeing Dame Helen Mirren wielding a machine gun. The Academy Award winning actress returns as a the British intelligence agent assigned to kill old friend and retired CIA agent, Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis. Moses rounds up his motley crew of retired assassins, including John Malkovich, and his girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker and tries to stop whoever is out for his head. Along the way he runs into an old flame, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and some new bad guys, Anthony Hopkins and Byung-hun Lee.

While the plot seems suspiciously similar to the first Red, I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing. The first movie was both action-packed and highly amusing. It was incredibly fun to see esteemed actors, like Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman, getting to play such out of character roles without getting too cheesy. It seemed like genuine fun for everyone involved, which made it genuinely fun to watch. Hopefully the same goes for the sequel.

The cast alone makes this movie worth watching. Actually, Helen Mirren alone makes this movie worth watching.

As seen on Vulture, here’s the trailer for Red 2:

[jwplayer mediaid=”29371″]

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