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'Gremlins' Might Be the Next Victim of a Reboot

"Gremlins" Gremlins was a runaway smash, while Gremlins 2 was not, and it seemed the series was done with. But there is nothing the Hollywood recycling machine will not touch! Producer Frank Marshall said just last year that it didn’t seem likely.  “I think [the movies are from] another time, it’s another era and they should just rest where they are… I don’t think [there will be a remake]. I think by now we have something in our contracts, or at least Amblin does, where it can’t be remade without Steven [Spielberg]’s permission.”

Nonetheless, Warner Bros. has begun tough negotiations with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to make another sequel or reboot of his 1984 horror comedy film. But fore those who are dying to see this come to fruition,  don’t get too rambunctious yet, because the idea is still up in the air because getting it off the ground appears to be just as complicated as Marshall said it would be.

According to sources, Spielberg, the original producer, won’t part with the rights for the movie except under very specific conditions, which have not been made public.

However, many fans of the hit horror film think the movie would be a great choice to bring back to theaters, especially with an updated plot, and would love to see the talks gain traction. On the other hand, a sequel doesn’t seem as popular since a great amount of time passed since the last failing attempt.

Everyone who has seen the film knows how chaotic things can get for Gremlins. So, until the project gets the green light we’ll just have to wait around hoping there will be a future for the movie.  Meanwhile you can continue to check back for updates on the matter.

Would you like to see a Gremlin reboot or sequel?

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