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Single No More – Kandi Burruss is Engaged to Boyfriend Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss is engaged to music producer boyfriend Todd Tucker. He went big with the 2-carat Gregg Ruth diamond ring. Kandi said she was “totally surprised” by the proposal but anyone watching ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ this season knows that it was only a matter of time before Tucker proposed. The happy couple recently bought a home together in the suburbs of Atlanta and although Todd said he wanted to take it slow, viewers (like me) could certainly infer that he would propose any day now.

We wonder if Kenya Moore will be among the first to congratulate Kandi or if she is secretly at home sulking and sticking pins in a Walter voodoo doll. After all, as we’ve seen on the show, any time someone else gets engaged or married the former Ms. U.S.A. manages to talk about how it ‘should have been her’. And once again…it’s not.

Todd surprised his future wife-to-be with a proposal on New Year’s Day during a get-together at the couple’s home. Kandi said she was “totally surprised”…”I used to make jokes with my friends that I [was] part of the Forever Single Club. That’s what I said before, but now I’m totally different.”

Hmm…there’s an opening for someone else to join the Forever Single Club and I hear Kenya’s available. A match made in heaven, right?


In a touching and gentlemanly move, Todd made sure to consult with Kandi’s 10-year old daughter Riley before he popped the question. Of course, Riley gave her blessing. ‘Atlanta Housewives’ fans have seen the 10-year old fiercely protect her mother this season and with good reason. Kandi was engaged to the late Ashley “AJ” Jewell before he was murdered in an altercation outside of a club a few years ago. Audiences saw how devastated Kandi and her daughter were over the loss.

However, it seems as though the pair have bounced back nicely with Todd in their lives and the family is moving forward.

No date has been set for the nuptials, but the pair does have a few in mind. Also, the happy couple is unsure if they will allow their wedding to be filmed for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ show. Until then, Todd and Kandi are happily enjoying their new engagement and figuring out the details as they go.

Congratulations to them both!

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