Lance Armstrong Makes Long Awaited Drug Confession To Oprah

The Lance Armstrong confession to Oprah Winfrey about performance enhancing drug use during the Tour de France may have shocked Oprah, but everyone else feels the admission was a long time coming.

For years Lance Armstrong has been denying allegations that he was using performance enhancing drugs that helped him seize victory of Tour de France seven times in a row.

Finally, it seems like the proof and the pressure had finally backed Armstrong into a corner and he felt the need to fess up, unfortunately he went about it in the wrong way.

During his Oprah Winfrey interview Armstrong reportedly came clean about his drug use and left the queen of daytime talk shows “mesmerized and riveted.”

On Tuesday’s CBS “This Morning,” Winfrey sat down to talk about the Lance Armstrong’s confession and admitted that even she didn’t expect things to unravel the way they did.

The 41-year-old cyclist “did not come clean in the manner that I expected,” Winfrey admitted on air.

The iconic journalist knew that Armstrong had a lot of explaining to do and she prepared a whopping 112 questions for Lance to answer.

“I asked most of those questions, or at least as many of those questions that I could, but I feel that he answered the questions in a way that he was ready,” she explained. “The most important questions and answers that people around the world had been waiting to hear were certainly answered.”

Sitcoms and satirical works have made comedic gold out of the former professional cyclist – painting him as the world’s biggest liar – and he finally has proved them right according to Oprah’s people.

Promos have already sparked suggesting that Lance will reveal it all during his sit down with Oprah.

Apparently, he gave his confession a lot of thought before he simply blurted out the truth after years of lies.

“I felt that he was thoughtful,” Winfrey continued. “I thought that he was serious. I thought that he certainly had prepared himself for this moment. I would say that he met the moment, and at the end of it, we both were pretty exhausted. And I would say satisfied.”

Needless to say, the lying cyclist got very emotional during the interview and at times Oprah felt “emotional” wasn’t even enough to describe how he was feeling.

“…But emotional doesn’t begin to describe the intensity or the difficulty that I think that he experienced in talking about some of these things,” she explained. “He brought it, he really did.”

While Oprah will certainly benefit from the tell-all interview, Lance has managed to somehow only make things even worse for himself.

He has owed the world an explanation for quite some time, and some people feel as if the Oprah interview wasn’t the right way to come clean about the charges.

“The immediate reaction: Could this guy possibly handle things any worse,” the L.A Times wrote about the Lance Armstrong confession. “Is there not one person in his collection of advisors, lawyers and public relations people who could have made him understand what a mistake it was to try to take his story to Oprah’s confessional?”

The issue that people are finding is that Armstrong has attempted to make his confession a piece of entertainment news when in reality, they find it to be much more serious than that.

By crying and sobbing across from the famous journalist is Lance trying to earn the sympathy of everyone he has lied to for all these years? That is the question that has Armstrong receiving such harsh criticisms.

The lengthy interview will be aired over two nights on the OWN network with the first episode airing on Thursday, Jan. 17.

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