Kim Kardashian Hides Growing Baby Bump, Reveals Infertility Issues

If the Kim Kardashian baby bump has finally appeared, she’s certainly doing a great job at hiding it behind her chic maternity wear. Meanwhile, Kim revealed that her own infertility issues had her thinking she would never get pregnant.

Ever since Kim’s pregnancy news broke, the world has been waiting to see what is soon to be Hollywood’s most infamous baby bump.

Despite the lack of a true baby bump poking through any of her clothes yet, the Kim Kardashian baby bump and pre-baby fashion watch has officially begun.

It’s likely that the soon-to-be mommy isn’t even showing yet, but she has all the tabloids thinking she is ever since she ditched her usual tight fitting outfits for loose fitting maternity frocks.

On Monday, the usual cleavage revealing, leg showing, skin tight dress wearing reality star was caught at the JFK Airport in New York with a dark layered outfit that kept her completely covered up – preventing any cameras from snapping any sure sign of the baby bump.

According to E! News, however, Kanye’s baby mama showed off her growing bump for them.

“Kanye West’s love showed off her tiny baby bump on Sunday,” they reported claiming she rocked a “curve-hugging white dress.”

Celebrity stylists are wishing that Kim would embrace the bump in public too, instead of hiding it from the camera.

“Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever do, so flaunt it,” said stylist Estee Stanley as he encouraged Kimmy to stick to her form fitting gowns.

If she does decide to stay with the maternity look, however, Stanley still had some fashion advice for the reality star.

“If you want to be a bit more covered up, look for a great one piece or a pretty tunic for a laid-back vacation vibe,” Stanley added.

In the past week or so, loose fitting outfits that completely hide the star’s figure have been the typical looks for Kim’s wardrobe – but she did add something new to keep things interesting.

The famous reality star tried a new hair do on for size when she used a clip in hairpiece to create fake bangs. Apparently she fell in love with the look because it wasn’t long before she cut her locks for real.

“I cut my bangs for real,” the soon-to-be mommy wrote on her blog. “What do you guys think of my new look?”

In addition to showing off real bangs for the first time a she hurried through the airport, Kanye’s boo also showed off her real face – completely makeup free.

The usually glammed up starlet put on a pair of dark black shades to hide her eyes as she did her best to shield herself from the cameras.

The early morning flight meant she didn’t have time to “put her face on” as they say, but she’ll have to get used to early mornings when her bun in the oven finally arrives.

Her reluctance to have cameras capture her free of makeup, however, had some fans speculating if her usual makeup free photos that she shares of herself are actually as natural as she makes it seem.

“This does not even look like Kim anymore,” one fan tweeted along with a photo of the star’s all natural look. “This is the real Kim that nobody sees.”

Others on the social media site claimed they knew the truth all along.

“Kims all natural pics never were [natural],” another user tweeted. “She definitely still had on some kinda foundation.”

Other than the spelling error, we DEFINITELY agree with the Tweeples on this one. The makeup-less Kim that the paparazzi catches doesn’t seem to match up with the all natural Kim photos that she often shares on Twitter.

Something the celeb managed NOT to share on Twitter for years, however, was her own infertility issues.

While fans were rushing to comfort Khloe in the midst of her battle with infertility woes, Kim had just overcome her own.

“Khloe has been very open about her fertility issue and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues,” the 32-year-old star told the Today show. “…and so it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens. That’s an exciting moment; you can’t plan for things like that. So I think it’s just such a blessing knowing my circumstances.”

Well if Kim can get pregnant in the midst of infertility issues, we certainly hope it gives Khloe hope that having a baby isn’t impossible for her either.

For now, however, all eyes are on Kim as the media still waits for that one sure fire photo of Kim’s baby bump.

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