Robin Roberts to Return to ‘Good Morning America’ in a Few Weeks

Robin Roberts return to “Good Morning America” will be sooner than many thought. Roberts appeared via live feed to share the news that she’ll be returning in a matter of “weeks, not months.”

Robin Roberts has been incredibly strong throughout her battle with M.D.S that took her away from the job she loved – co-hosting on “GMA.”

Co-workers and fans of the show have been anxiously awaiting her return, but news from last year revealed she would not be able to make a return until the middle of 2013.

Fortunately, her health has actually taken a drastic turn for the best and Roberts is preparing to return to the show very soon.

“Good Morning America,” she exclaimed on the live feed. “I am excited.”

Robin had no hair in the live feed, but her wide smile was beaming she looked stunning.

“I’m so happy to be sharing this news with everybody,” the “GMA” co-host continued. “I met with my doctors last week. My blood count continues to improve. My beloved sister, Sally-Ann, my donor; her cells continue to make themselves at home in my body.”

It was back in September that the beloved news anchor received the bone marrow transplant and doctors were convinced that although the road to recovery would be sure and steady, it would also be slow.

Looks like the doctors underestimated the will power the journalist had to get back to the show and join her family on air once again.

“The big news is that my last bone marrow aspiration – by the way, ouch, I’ve lost count how many I’ve had – but the last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities… Praise God,” she announced on the live feed.

So what does this mean?

“…my doctors were waiting for this information to tell me I can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair,” the 52-year-old news anchor revealed. “I’m coming home.”

Of course, the process of getting back to work won’t happen over night and there are still some complications that have her doctors a bit worried.

The strong willed journalist is still highly susceptible to infections and with the sudden flu outbreak, returning can be dangerous if the co-host isn’t slowly introduced to her work environment over time.

According to Robin, she will begin the “process of re-entry” which means waking up early in the morning again interacting with large numbers of people and even being exposed to intense lighting.

“I got up at 4 o’clock this morning,” she revealed from her home. “I have to get back on ‘GMA’ time. One thing I have not missed is that alarm clock. Next week, my doctors have me doing what I’m calling a dry run. I’ll get up, go to the studio. I’ll have makeup and hair. Well, makeup. We’ll talk about the hair later.”

It’s unsure if the recovering reporter will be wearing wigs to the set or if she’ll be embracing her baldness, but either way her appearance will be a joyous one.

Roberts will be going to the set ever day next week, but she will not be appearing live on air with the rest of her team. Her doctors are simply trying to test how she does after being exposed to the crews, guests, and other co-workers that will be bustling around the studio.

After the show comes to an end and the “GMA” cast is off the air, then she will take to the stage to see if her sensitive skin will react to the harsh studio lights.

Just a few “dry runs” – as she calls them – and if she performs well her homecoming will be arriving sooner than she expected.

“We’re talking now weeks, not months,” Roberts explained. “I should be back sometime in February.”

When in February? She didn’t announce the date but it is likely the same day she had been diagnosed with M.D.S.

“I have a date in mind that’s very personal and important to me, but I’ll listen to what my doctors say,” she concluded.

It was back in February 26 of last year that she was co-hosting ABC’s coverage of the Academy Awards in Los Angeles when she realized she felt unusually exhausted. After a visit to her doctor she received the life changing diagnosis.

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