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Beyonce Taps Azealia Banks for New Album

Azealia Banks to collaborate with BeyonceOn the heels of revealing a new Destiny’s Child album and single, Beyonce is also prepping for a new solo album to be released later in 2013.

In an interview this week, rapper Azealia Banks revealed she has worked with Queen B  for a possible track on the album. “I actually did something for her record in Miami a couple weeks ago,” she revealed. “I really didn’t want to say it because I didn’t want to jinx it.”

Banks is unsure if the song will ultimately make the record, but was positively glowing about the experience. “Oh my God. Even the fact that I was considered to rap on a Beyoncé track was just… I’m about to cry. It was amazing.”

Beyonce will have many collaborators on her new record, according to her interview with GQ, where she announced  Pharrell, Timbaland, and The-Dream would appear on the album. “We all started in the ’90s, when R&B was the most important genre, and we all kind of want that back: the feeling that music gave us,” she said to GQ.  While Banks wasn’t mentioned in the GQ article, she will definitely gain positive visibility from any work with Queen B, which she arguably needs to mend her reputation after an ongoing Twitter feud with Perez Hilton.

The feud originally started as  beef between Banks and rival rapper Angel Haze. Banks made a comment about rappers not Azealia Banks Beyoncefrom New York claiming the city, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER,” wrote Banks.

Haze took the comment as a masked direct insult, and Hilton came down on her side. Banks then called Hilton a “messy faggot.”

Now Banks is facing an attack from GLAAD for using the insult publicly on twitter. The gay rights advocacy group notes the term is “almost universally used by bullies, often used as part of a larger verbal or physical assault.”

No word on whether this latest controversy will affect her appearance on the Beyonce record.

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