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Megan Fox Quits Twitter: Three Other Celebrities Who Should Too

Megan Fox  decided to quit Twitter just one week after trying the social media network. Unfortunately Chris Brown, Azealia Banks, Donald Trump, and more haven’t given up on Twitter just yet – but we really wish they would.

Megan Fox teased her fans when she finally bought into peer pressure and created a Twitter account only to delete it a few days later.

“Some of you may or may not have noticed by now that my Twitter account has been shut down,” she wrote on Facebook on Thursday. “I thought that 2013 might be the year that I finally blossomed into a social networking butterfly, but as it turns out, I still hate it.”

The gorgeous “This is 40” actress has always maintained a Facebook page, but she claims that about as much as she wants to have on her plate.

“Love you guys but will just never be that girl,” Fox she wrote. “Facebook is as much as I can handle. I’m sorry.”

The 26-year-old had just created the account on Jan. 3 and managed to rack up over 250,000 followers in just a few days – but the large number of followers still wasn’t enough to get her addicted to tweeting.

After less than a week she wasn’t afraid to show her disappointment with the social media site either.

“5 days on Twitter and I have yet to discern it’s purpose,” she tweeted. “#WhatIsThePoint ??”

Well after failing to find the point, she deleted her account and said goodbye to the world of Twitter.

Unfortunately, there a few celebs are haven’t said their farewell to Twitter, but we’re still crossing out fingers that they will.

Chris Brown has been flaunting his ego, playerish ways, and foul language all over the social media site and we’re kind of tire of it.

To make matters worse, the R&B bad boy keeps playing with out emotions and making us think that he is through with Twitter. After a series of Twitter feuds (the latest being between Brown and comedian Jenny Johnson), Brown deleted his Twitter. Before we could all rave in excitement, his account had been reactivated and the vulgar big headed tweets began again.

Speaking of Chris, we’re getting a bit bored with Rihanna’s Twitter antics as well.

The practically nude photos, pics of her in bed with Chris, and low blows at Chris’s other girlfriend Karrueche Tran were a journalists dream at one point – until the rants became routine.

The pics of her in bed with her former flame were no longer surprising, her beef with Kae was played out, and we get it RiRi… you look good naked. After a while, the rebellious ways just weren’t quite as headline worthy and her next tweet was always predictable.

Even Chris and Rihanna didn’t top our list of celebs who need to quit Twitter, however, because the only thing worse than played out tweets are “ratchet” ones… that’s right Azealia Banks we’re talking about you.

Banks is a pretty 21-year-old rapper whose personality on Twitter makes her ugly and unattractive. It seems like we can’t make it through a few days without having Banks popping off on somebody or trying to intimidate us with her New York street cred.

From hurling homophobic slurs at Perez Hilton to a nasty beef with Angel Haze, Banks became a Twitter nuisance.  Twitter has a tendency to get ratchet enough without Azealia helping out so feel free to quit Twitter whenever you’re ready.

Don’t think that it’s just the young folks making Twitter a terrible place, however.

Our number one “You Need To Step Away From Twitter” celeb is none other than Donald Trump.

According to Wendy Williams, Mr. Trump managed to spark 11 Twitter wars in 2012 alone – not counting the nonsense he babbled concerning President Obama.

Trump used his Twitter to assure Americans that we are not a Democracy anymore simply because we re-elected President Obama for a second term in office.

“This election is a total sham and a travesty,” Donald tweeted back in November. “We are not a democracy.”

He didn’t stop there of course as he targeted many others via Twitter.

“New York Post says ‘@repweiner trying to make a comeback’ – he’s a sexual pervert & they can never be healed,” he tweeted.

Even George Will fell victim to Trump’s wrath as he wrote, “George Will may be the dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time. If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose.”

Of course, none of these tweets can amount to the major battle between Trump and Rosie O’Donnell where the wealthy businessman hurled insult after insult at Rosie who returned the favor with her own low blows.

Other celebs who have been verbally attacked by the Trump include Cher, Mark Cuban, Star Jones, Brian Williams, and many many more.

Point is Trump is a trouble maker who feels like he can pick on whoever he wants simply because his pockets are fat and he uses Twitter to do it.


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