Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter Turns One: A Look Back (Photos)

Beyonce welcomed her first baby into the world last January and tomorrow Blue Ivy Carter will celebrate her first birthday so we decided to take a look back into the year of Blue Ivy.

Being the baby of Beyonce and Jay-Z definitely has its perks, but nobody expected Blue to have her own million dollar pad before she even turned one.

Queen Bey and Mr. Carter are always spotted courtside at the Barclay’s Center with no baby Blue in sight, but before you assume that the parents are simply tucking their baby in at home and heading out for a night of fun you should hear where Blue is really staying.

The almost one year old Beyonce baby has a $1 million nursery thanks to papa Jay. According to US Weekly, the hip hop mogul rents out a basement suite for $1 million a year and the large area serves as giant nursery and playpen for the adorable baby Carter.

The VIP suite is the most expensive of the 11 pricey and lavish spaces called the Vault for rent at the Barclays Center, and baby Blue gets to have it all to herself while her parents are enjoying the game.

Of course, it’s only fitting since the Vault was inspired by Blue Ivy’s dad in the first place.

Whenever Beyonce’s baby isn’t downstairs playing with her toys, however, Jay’s pals get to use the party perfect pad for their own adult fun.

In addition to having baby toys scattered throughout, the space also holds a Champagne bar, a jumbo TV screen, and some cool décor.

Of course, the million dollar nursery isn’t the first expensive purchase made in the name of baby Blue. Remember those custom Ruthie Davis sneakers?

Beyonce’s husband spent a lot of the year reminding wanna-be rappers that they can’t even afford to walk a mile in his daughter’s socks so we’re pretty sure they can’t walk in her $800 baby sneakers either.

Although Beyonce wouldn’t hesitate to drop $800 on her baby, she didn’t have to this time because the pink bedazzled kicks were a gift straight form the designer herself.

“Take a look at the Baby Ruthie’s I made especially for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy…. So sweet, right,” Ruthie wrote on Facebook along with a photo of the custom shoes.

In addition to having her own custom Baby Ruthie’s, the almost 1-year-old also has several pairs of Adidas kicks, Marc Jacob shoes, and even some fly sneakers from Jeremy Scott.

With all the attention surrounding the Carter baby, you’re probably wondering why the one thing you can’t find on Google is a clear photo of the Carter family all together.

Ever since the world’s most famous baby (Until Kim Kardashian’s baby is born) was welcomed into the world, the protective mom and pop have done all they could to shield Ivy’s face from the paparazzi.

Every photo of Beyonce and her baby, shows her instinctively protectively shielding her adorable daughter from the pushy cameras – and we don’t blame them.

In fact, when Blue’s face finally was exposed during a shopping trip with Mommy, it quickly made headlines.

After a year of fake pregnancy rumors, renting out an entire wing of a hospital for baby Blue’s arrival, paparazzi pushing for a pic of the baby’s face, lavish gifts, and tons of family vacations you’re probably wondering what’s in store for the Carter baby’s birthday tomorrow.

Well so far it seems like Blue might be having a tropical celebration as Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in the Bahama’s after a tricky photo fooled fans into thinking they were still in NYC.

On Friday, the “Countdown” songstress posted a photo to her Instagram of her bracing the cold NYC weather. The photo led paparazzi and fans alike to assume the stars were still in New York.

That same day, however, the Carters popped up in the Bahamas at an Atlantis Resort.

Since the media had no idea the celebs were at the tropical destination, the only cameras that were snapping away were blurry camera phones. Either way it’s not mistake that the blurry photos are pics of Blue Ivy’s parents.

No word out yet on if they are in Atlantis for Blue’s first birthday tomorrow, or if they’ll be jetting off somewhere else once again but we have a feeling that this first birthday will finally top Mariah Carey’s twin’s lavish first birthday in Paris.

Check out our dedicated gallery of the best of Beyonce Baby: Blue Ivy Carter photos. Happy B-day Blue!


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