Brandy Thrilled Over Engagement and Kim Kardashian Pregnancy

Brandy Norwood is engaged to her music executive boyfriend Ryan Press and has been rocking her stunning ring with pride. Meanwhile, she’s also dishing out some good parenting advice for soon-to-be mommy Kim Kardashian.

A lot went down over the holidays, and for Brandy she got the best gift that Santa could possibly bring – an engagement ring.

The R&B singer and actress partied along side her fiancé in Vegas for New Year’s and couldn’t help but speak up about the surprise engagement and the big Kimmy K baby news.

“I’m very happy,” she said about her engagement to Press. “I’m definitely on Cloud 20.”

It seems like the proposal (and the right man) came just in time in Brandy’s life because the gorgeous star admitted that at one point she threw in the towel when it came to love.

“At one point I gave up on love, so to have this feeling and for it to be like the first time, with the person I feel like God has created for me to be with, it feels magical,” she explained with a bright smile on her face. “And I want it to stay like this so every married couple that we have been meeting over our vacation, I’ve been asking them, ‘So what’s the secret?’”

Ray J’s sister got the usual answer – communication.

“Communication is the key, clearly,” she continued. “So we’ll see what this thing does.”

Although the former Moesha actress was surprised by the proposal, her intuition almost spoiled the surprise. She explained that she felt like something was going to happy even though she wasn’t sure what.

“It was a surprise but I felt something was gonna happen,” she admitted. “It was definitely a surprise.”

Press was one lucky man to have managed to surprise his then-girlfriend, because when her gut feeling wasn’t about to ruin the surprise friends and family were.

According to the “Wildest Dreams” songstress she had been hearing a lot about a ring from close friends and family, but it wasn’t until after the proposal that she realized all her loved ones were dropping some major hints about the big moment.

Either way, Press was successful in surprising his now fiancée. In fact, she was so shocked that she almost didn’t accept the proposal… well, she almost forgot to anyway.

“Your imagination does the moment no justice,” the 33-year-old mother of one explained. “I said ‘Oh my God!’ so many times that I forgot to say ‘Yes!’ He was like, ‘Yeah, are you gonna marry me or not?’ It was good.”

As far as the details, the couple hasn’t worked out the details yet but they are certain that a destination wedding is out of the question.

“We have a lot of homies that probably won’t come if we have a destination wedding so I wanna keep it as local as possible,” Norwood said.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous and slim bikini ready mother of 10-year-old Sy’Rai Iman Smith had some mommy advice for Kanye West’s soon to be baby mamma, Kim Kardashian.

“I’m very happy for Kim and very happy for Kanye,” she exclaimed. “I was looking at pics of them online and they look so happy. I’m really happy for her.”

After expressing her excitement after the baby on the way, she revealed that the key to being a good mommy is remembering your own days as a child.

“The key to being a good parent is to remember that you were once a child and I think if you have that perspective, everything flows.”

Well congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds and good job to Mr. Press who managed to turn his fiancée into a diamond lover with that impressive rock.


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