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Kenya Moore Blogs About Walter’s Non-Proposal, Poses for Krave

Real Housewife Kenya Moore has finally spoken up about pressuring her fake boyfriend Walter to marry her. Meanwhile, she’s showing Walter what he’s missing out on in a sexy photoshoot for Krave magazine.

Ever since the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta started, Kenya Moore has attracted much of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

From flirting with her cast mates’ men to starting petty drama because she’s convinced the other ladies are jealous of her self-proclaimed “Gone with the Wind” fabulousness, the reality show rookie has had all eyes on her.

Just when you thought you had Mrs. Moore figured out, however, she turned around and started begging her TV boyfriend Walter to marry her right before she dropped it low for another man.

Despite all this, however, she has still convinced herself that she is the victim when it comes to Walter deciding not to marry her.

“Much has been made about me pressuring a man to marry me,” Kenya wrote on her blog. “Despite how it seems at times, I’m not crazy. I am, however, a hopeless romantic and appear anxious for marriage on the show to a man who clearly has his own agenda.”

She may be pointing fingers at Walter for the non-proposal, but any man might hold off on popping the question if he saw his lady getting felt up by Apollo during a “playful” pool fight.

According to the Real Housewives star, however, Walter was the one who put the idea of a proposal in Anguilla in her head.

“On the other hand Walter says there are ‘3 days left and anything can happen… Anguilla would be a beautiful place to get married or elope,’” she continued on her blog. “I assure you my behavior is warranted. My mistake started when you rely on a man’s words and not his ACTIONS.”

The former Miss USA even went on to accuse Walter of not being genuine – which is a terrible case of the pot calling the kettle black.

“Unfortunately, I put my trust in Walter and believed his intentions were genuine,” Moore added. “His true feelings are being shown to me and everyone else whilst in Anguilla.”

If you ask Nene Leakes, however, the only person’s true colors that are being shown are Kenya’s. During one episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Leakes called out Kenya and her fake relationship.

Whether Walter is her real boyfriend or just a made for TV lie, the pageant queen sure did make it hard for the poor man when she posed for Krave magazine.

Her strikingly strong and sexy photos of her in the boxing ring were enough to make any man consider putting a ring on it – well, if they haven’t seen how crazy she is on the show already.

Crazy or not, she did prove that even though she is one of the older cast members that doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the sexiest.

In one shot, the drama starting reality star posed in a zebra print dress in the corner of a boxing ring as she strategically placed her boxing glove in front of her to keep her goodies hidden from the camera.

In another pic she is doing what she does best, getting caressed by men that aren’t Walter.

With a face so fierce that even Tyra might be jealous, she laid across two hunky model’s laps in the locker room – this time with a short bob and a blunt bang.

We’re still pretty sure she’s crazy, or doing a great job acting like she is, but all that crazy came with a whole lot of sexy as well.


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