Jessica Simpson Shows Off Baby Bump via Twitter

Jessica Simpson’s proudly showed her baby bump on Twitter this past weekend. The 32-year old former reality TV star confirmed her second pregnancy around the Christmas holiday, but judging from the size of her baby bump Jessica is more than just a few weeks along.

The ‘Dukes of Hazzards’ star, known for showing off her slinky, toned body in daisy dukes for the movie, has had a very public struggle with her weight even before she was pregnant with baby number one. Those struggles lead to an endorsement deal with Weight Watchers.Simpson lost a reported 60 pounds using the diet system and her commercials with the company began airing recently.

However, does Jessica’s new baby bump threaten to derail her endorsement with the giant weight loss giant?

Hardly. The Weight Watchers company has congratulated Jessica on on baby number two, tweeting: “Congrats to @JessicaSimpson, Eric and big-sister-to-be Maxwell!”… “Your WW family is so thrilled for you. what an amazing year you’ve had!”

For now, her $4 million dollar endorsement deal is safe. In fact, the day Simpson confirmed her pregnancy, the weight loss company aired her commercial detailing how she lost 50 pounds after the birth of her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.

Jessica’s pregnancy is by no means a hindrance to the brand. With her at the helm, the multifaceted dieting company can target an entire group of women traditionally not served in the dieting market. Increasingly, pregnant women are concerned with having healthy pregnancies without gaining 50 or more pounds. The recommended weight gain for pregnant women can range from 30 to 45 pounds. While many women can and do exceed that number and lose the weight once they deliver, others do not. If Weight Watchers plans to follow Simpson’s journey with pregnancy number two using the tools she learned from the first pregnancy and her ensuing weight loss, the company can guide women on how to remain healthy and active during their pregnancy…and potentially expand their market.

Jessica seems to have embraced her changing body and baby bump this time around and the Weight Watchers program might be a big reason why. It’s been reported that she won’t continue the program while pregnant with baby number two. However the company has said that she will resume her ‘Expect Amazing’ weight loss campaign once she has her second child.

In the meantime, the powers-that-be at dieting company seem to think that a pregnant Jessica Simpson is a great spokesperson for their brand, and she will be featured on the cover of the January/February issue of Weight Watchers magazine.

Congratulations to the Simpson and Johnson family!

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