Warm Bodies: First 4 Minutes Of Zombie Apocalypse Released Online

A clip of Jonathan Levine’s Rom-Zom-Com, Warm Bodies, has made its way online,  giving the world the first glimpse of life as a zombie. The post-apocalyptic film offers a different take on a concept that has been told, retold, bent up, and spit out in every kind of way — a world infested with flesh-eating zombies.

While we don’t know how he and the others were made into the living dead,  the clip features Nicholas Hoult as a zombie whose only memory of life is his first name began with R.  When he eventually has a run-in with the girlfriend of one of his victims, his human emotions miraculously return.  Yikes!  A zombie with human emotions, could anything be more frightening?

Apart from Hoult, Warm Bodies, also stars Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, Analeigh Tipton and John Malkovich. The film hits U.S. theaters on February 1 2013.

Check out the four minute clip of Warm Bodies and the zombie world turned on its head below…

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