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Alicia Keys Believes She Was "Born" To Play Lena Horne

Back in 2007, singer Alicia Keys was attached to star as Lena Horne, in the legendary entertainer’s biopic. That project must have a manual transmission because it has been stalled in first gear or rather the first stage ever since then.

Rumored has it that Janet Jackson was originally going play the entertainer,  but Horne, who was involved in the casting process, removed Jackson from the project following her 2004 Super Bowl controversy, in where she exposed her breast. Since then, Oprah Winfrey has taking over the biopic as the producer and has added Keys to replace Jackson.

“Lena the woman, the human being – that is the most fascinating to me: her vulnerabilities, her life, her flow through the many difficult times (and good ones) and her ability to remain graceful, elegant and beautiful always,” Keys said of Horne back in 2007.

Horne died in May 2010, at the age of 92, and won’t get a chance to see her life story on the big screen but according to Keys, the film “will still come together.” In a recent radio interview, the singer elaborates a little more on her anticipation of the film.

Keys acting history includes her making several television guest appearances and starring in films Smokin’ Aces, The Nanny Diaries and The Secret Life of Bees, but was she “born” to play Lena Horne as she claims below?

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3 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Believes She Was "Born" To Play Lena Horne

  1. CriticXtreme says:

    Close but not the cigar.

  2. Kay says:

    Alicia Keys should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Lena Horne. Ms. Horne was incredibly feminine and elegant, while Alicia comes across as butch. All those involved in this biopic should reconsider this decision and select a trained actress who has the elegance, beauty and talent to do Ms. Horne justice. Alicia “off key” Keys is out of her league.

  3. hope says:

    when i read tthis i was just giggling i mean i just hope she wont play it sure they kinda look like eachother but alicia acting this girl cant even act in her own videos (what would be a good basic) but nah i hope some one worthy gets the role and not some one that just looks like her, i even think i can say and stand behind it that between keys and beyonce that beyonce acting will win lol

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