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Janet Jackson Engaged (Sort of) – Brandy Norwood Engaged, Really!

It’s official…Janet Jackson is ‘sort-of’ engaged. The megastar has been quietly dating billionaire Wissam Al Mana for the past two years and now reports have surfaced that Ms. Jackson is slated to become Mrs. Al Mana in 2013. While news of Jackson’s engagement has just recently surfaced, sources claim that she has chosen to keep this engagement under wraps; much like she did her marriage of nearly a decade to Rene Elizondo. Insiders report that Janet’s boyfriend proposed to her sometime earlier this year, but the ‘Control’ singer isn’t wearing her ring out of fear that she may lose it.


Of all the thousands of pieces of jewelry that she’s worn, successfully, on the red carpet; jewelry that was worth millions and maybe even tens of millions of dollars…one might think that Ms. Jackson is competent enough to wear her engagement ring without losing it.

I guess these ‘insiders’ want the public to believe that despite her naked ring finger, she is indeed getting married next year. So let’s go with that, shall we?

In the absence of a ring, reports still put the timing of her wedding to retail mogul Al Mana in spring 2013. The couple is reportedly having their ceremony in Qatar; with the billionaire sparing no expense.

Rumors of Janet Jackson’s engagement have been ongoing, with a national tabloid breaking the story in October of this year. The tabloid reported that the couple was allegedly planning to spend $3 million to fly over 500 wedding guests in from all over the world. Also, it was claimed that Al Mana is planning to give each guest a $10,000 Rolex watch as a thank you for attending.


Those are mighty detailed ‘rumors’ regarding a ceremony that may or may not be happening. Only time will tell if the secretive Jackson will indeed become Mrs. Janet Al Mana in 2013.

Meanwhile in confirmed engagement news, singer Brandy is newly engaged to her music executive boyfriend Ryan Press. In recent years, the couple has been spotted looking happy at many industry functions together. Fans of the ‘211’ singer were pulling for a happy ending after a string of very public relationship failures, including a brief stint with rapper Flo-Rida.

Brandy’s marriage to Press will be her first, but many people might think it will be the second marriage for the ‘Moesha’ star. Almost a decade ago, Ms. Norwood had an MTV show that documented her alleged marriage to her ex boyfriend Robert Smith and the pregnancy of their daugher Sy’rai. After they discovered they were expecting, the couple pretended to be married for almost two years in order to protect Brandy’s ‘good girl’ image. However, the fallout over her marriage deception, along with other unfortunate events during that time which included a fatal car accident, successfully tainted the good girl image once and for all.

Ever resilient, Brandy has made a triumphant comeback. This year she released her album ‘211’, landing at number one on the R&B charts. She had a starring role on the comedy ‘The Game’ and has enjoyed a resurgence in good press and red carpet appearances. Surely with all the good fortune she has been experiencing this year, it was only fitting that Press solidify 2012 as Brandy’s year by proposing.

Congratulations to both women on their engagements. Now…if only Kenya Moore could get a real boyfriend she might be next on the engagement list.

Too soon?

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