Robert Griffin III Makes Pro Bowl As A Rookie

Robert Griffin III’s magical season reached another plateau Wednesday when the Washington Redskins’ first-year quarterback was named to the NFC’s Pro Bowl team, The Washington Post reports.

Griffin, who has led the Redskins to the precipice of their first playoff appearance in five years, has used a method of style and substance, combined with beyond-his-years leadership  to make a dynamic splash in the NFL.

His statistics are amazing: 20 touchdown passes to just five interceptions. He and Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers are tied as second-rated passer in the league, trailing only  Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

Griffin also has made his mark through effectively running of the ball, either by design or through necessity. He has rushed for 752 yards and six touchdowns, which includes a game he missed and hardly running at all last week in Philadelphia.

Before Griffin was named, Redskins veteran tight end Chris Cooley told The Washington Post: “I would be surprised if Robert wasn’t a Pro Bowl quarterback. I think he’s done a great job. I think he’s changed the game in a lot of ways as far as what he does. I know preparing for us for other teams is extremely hard. And that’s completely because of the way Robert plays football. And he’s been exceptional

“I mean, the guy hasn’t turned the ball over. He’s put up great numbers throughout the year. He’s had a great quarterback percentage throughout the year. That’s all you can ask for a guy. And beyond that, which no one sees, is he’s the leader of this football team.”

The Redskins traded up in the draft to secure Griffin with the second pick. The former Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor impressed from the start and even was named as a team captain by teammates midway through the season, a rare anointing for a rookie.

But then, RG III has show he hardly is an ordinary rookie

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